Are there any legitimate scam recovery firms out there?

Lots of helpful info here about how to spot and avoid scams (if only I could turn back the clock), but can anyone advise who - if anyone - is actually a legitimate legal firm with a successful track record of litigating and recovering lost / stolen funds?

It seems every time I research or approach someone, no matter how legit they appear to be, there's always a warning that they're also scammers.

There must be SOMEONE who can help and provide good advice and services. Anyone?

FYI, I'm UK based and was scammed by 24Option / Rodeler / Schmid & Fankhauser, I won't publish the amounts I lost, but it's life-changing, and I'm now on the bones of my **se as a result. Highly motivated to recover my money, but don't trust anyone any more. Thank you!


Hi pistonbroke,

We are two now and let’s hope a few more could join forces with us.
I’m about to go ahead with “Giambrone” despite the bad comments because I haven’t found any other firm UK based.

If anybody knows of a different firm or have been scammed by 24option Rodeler please HELP US!


anyone knows of a real firm to help recover ? no reply to this threads at all, please pm us (if applicable)