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Info Are these recovery companies legit or not?

Asking questions about a company


The claim they can get your money back if you have been scammed. The charge is £1,000 (VAT included). Their email is legal_representative @ yahoo.co.uk.
Is this a valid firm? Can they really get one's money back? Or are they scammers?
Ask them to come to this thread and present their credentials.

Unfortunately, there have been more and more of these "contact my company and I can get your money back for you" messages with no evidence that any real action will be taken - other than collecting an up-front fee.

For £1,000, it's likely to be better to team up with multiple victims of the same company and hire a genuine lawyer.
They sent a conversation here in FPA that they a legal company of retrieving financial loss. They retrieve losses in binary options on commission basis. Can you verify?
What's their website? If you can give me that, I can give a much firmer opinion on whether they look legit or not.

Sometimes a trader needs outside help to pry money owed out of a bad broker. The drawback is that there are a lot of fake sites ready to help - ready to help themselves to more of a trader's money. The fake sites outnumber the real ones.

I've seen completely fake law firms and completely fake chargeback assistance companies. I've also seen a few legitimate ones and others I'm still following to see if they are legit or not.
They have no website. This is their email:

Dear Mr Elmer,
following our phone conversation I am sending more information about us:
email address: scambusterscontact@gmail.com
Skype ID: scambusterssupport
phone number: +48 12 361 2880
Our website should be available soon in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us via skype, email or phone.
To succesfully retrieve your money as soon as posssible we will need:
1. Four last digits of your debit and credit cards.
2. Names of cards' providers.
3. Dates and amounts for each deposit which has been made.
4. Name of cardholder bank/s, (if you have private bank management
5. Letter of attorney (needed to speak on your behalf with bank's and/or brokerage employees).
6. Printscreens of Skype conversations, written deals, phone records, etc. (anything that in your opinion can support your claim against broker).
7. Signed The Agreement between you and ScamBusters. ( I will send it to you after you accept our strategy).
After we gather all needed information, we are going to prepare legal claims for bank/s, brokerage and finacial authorities.
Also when I will have Letter of Attorney I will be able to call your bank on your behalf to support your claim and keeping you updated (it usually helps, because for people in bank/s this type of scam is something new and not everyone know how to act against them).
I hope it makes clear what we need and how we want to get your money back.
As I mentioned before we do NOT take any upfront fees. You pay us for result not for work.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
Team ScamBusters
The lack of website makes me worry. See if you can get that agreement and Letter of Attorney without giving up too much more information.

Also, how did they get in touch with you in the first place?
They contacted me through conversation here in FPA. His name is sebastian budziński. They offer lower percentage on commision and no upfront fees
Try to get those documents and post them here. Maybe this is legitimate. Maybe it's some sort of recovery room scam or an attempt at ID theft. Having access to the documents would give more clues.
Hi team,

Just looking to get feed back from anyone who has used Payback FX,
they claim to give you a rebate from trading profit or loss,

they dont have any information about what they actually do, how they make money or how it works exactly.

Regards Adrian
I haven't heard of that one. There are a number of them listed in the reviews under Forex World:


Look for the Rebate IB tag.

All of them work by collecting IB commissions and sending you a portion of what they collect. Be careful. Some get greedy and make more money by giving you a wider spread than you would get by going directly to the broker.