Are you addicted to trading?

i wouldnt say im addicted but i think in my first year when i got the hang of it and a true understanding, i was more keen to chart up, the novelty wears off a little after 4 years lol. always good to take breaks though especially if percentage gains arent going according to plan.

Jim B

Private, 1st Class
I’m not, I often like to take time off from it. I can see how it could be addictive though in a similar to gambling.


I have met a few traders who appeared to be addicted to trading and even though they were not professional traders they tended to make their daily decisions based on their trading and often cancelled or rescheduled planed events during the week due to trading.

I think they did that because they were not profitable and believed that they need to be glued to their screens in order to finally turn around and generate profits on a few trades. They seemed addicted to it which influenced their lives in a negative way. You always read about the positives in trading, but very few mention the negative impacts a lot of people suffer (besides losing your capital).

Any thoughts?
sometimes I feel I might be, a big part of trading tho is to know when to walk away