Are you addicted to trading?

This is why, new traders need to start their trading career as a part time job in demo! There is no easy way of money making in Forex! So, which traders are trying to make easy money here with their low trading skill, they will face such a big loss in their real trading! By the way, spending time in Forex is not a bad idea!

Really is the problem, so many want to get into making easy money and quick too they then can't get into the routine of actually making money on a consistent basis as they have this dreamland idea of quick money and lambos
I don't think I'm emotionally attached to trading because I set moderate profit targets and keep losses small so I rarely feel greed or fear in trading, everything goes as planned.
Oh controversial! Maybe I am or I should say addicted to the whole process all my FB groups and Twitter feed is full of trading content
If you play with high leverage it's clearly a red flag and you should think whether you have an addiction. Equity swings have detrimental impact on your control of your trading.
previosly I've been addicted but for now using strategy and don't struggle most of the time
Addicted is like something bad in many fields including forex trading, addiction can make traders lose control in life, here in forex, I think traders need to create a schedule for daily life.
Addiction in trading is quite painful because when you lose you have to take a break but you can't since you have a temptation to feel emotions from trading and you continue despite mistakes.
Addiction is a bad thing in many fields, addiction to drugs, and medicine is not good, in the forex, addiction can lead traders to forget time and family, we need time schedule to a daily routine for work to avoid addiction.