Are you looking for excuses?

May Davis

Private, 1st Class
I used to blame brokers
then i used to blame strategies
then i used to blame news agencies
then i used to blame myself

But if you think about it,there is noone to blame.
The money is lost the moment we click buy or sell.It belongs to the beast (market).

There is a phrase Kevin O'leary uses that i quitte like.
"i see my money as little soldiers , when i send them to battle i preffer the possibilities of them returning with more soldiers to be high."
What a great way to look at it. It's so good to see everyone's perspectives. I am still working on my demo account and find it hard when I lose, I can be quick to pull the plug on a trade when actually if I left it to run a little long I would have come out on top.


I was wondering how many of you actually take the blame for a loss and how many blame other factors such as economic reports for your losses?

I have always taken responsibility for any loss I have faced and will face as nobody forced me take a position. It is up to the trader to conduct the proper analysis before taking a position.

What's your guys takes on this?
I have 2% risk so once the trade is on I consider it lost, no blame


Win or lose is your own skill , it is not on market that it will give you profit. It is a trader who decides at right time to trade as well he has to plan for risk management. Actually he faces many challenges when he is going to trade in live market. he has to save himself by efforts from risky ways otherwise market will not give him favor.


I blame myself and try to figure out exactly where I went wrong but don't beat myself up or obsess over the losses because they happen.