Are you waiting for promised Forex rebates?

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This isn't really my department, but I'll try my best.

I'm not sure how CashBackForex could be offering MBT rebates without being registered with the NFA. It might be worth asking MBT about this.

FFB is seeking NFA registration under a different name. I'm not sure what it is, but have send an inquiry to find out. I do know that NFA paperwork turned out to be more extensive than anticipated.

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I'd like to know more details.


Have you get a penny from felixforexbroker? I stumped onto this site when it was pretty much dead...

Who do you want to sue MBT for not paying felixforexbroker, felixforexbroker for not paying you, or NFA?

After the "no hedge" insanity I am ready to believe anything about the registration difficulties with them.

Good luck getting your money :)

PS. One more question. Suppose that Felix keeps his word and you get paid, are you going to stay with new registered felixforexbroker or you your advise is to stay away?


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Felixforexbroker, Cashbackforex, Mbt, and Nfa


ForexPeaceArmy was designed to be completely independent and we treat Felix’s services exactly the same way as any other forex service out there, the only difference is that we have a privilege of direct communications which helps to address customer’s complaints a bit faster.

After you submitted complaint I had extensive conversation with the person working on the NFA registration. I had no clue what one have to go through to become NFA member. The firm is getting registered under the name other than felixforexbroker and I agree that disclosing the registration details would be rather harmful for the fledgling company at this point since they are still verifying trademark availability.

I’d like to thank you for being felixforexbroker faithful customer and ask you for a little more patience. That’s the business and they are looking to start it spinning again possibly even more anxiously than you are waiting for the rebates.

Also felixforexbroker and cashbackforex are not related in any way. If you happen to keep MBtrading email which states that no NFA registration necessary, we’d love to have a copy with full headers and the name of person at MBT who stated that. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.