Armada a lot of problems


[langtitle=it]Armada a lot of problems[/langtitle]

Dear Armada,
i traded nzd/usd pair at 22:45 on 20/03/212
my order ( ticket 8824339) in buy stop was modified not by me
and the position closed negative.
take profit placed by me 0.82671
order at 0.82463
order modified at 0.82805 not by me
Position close negative at -3.61 eur.
You aren't a broker ecn if this is the target.
I never to trade the news using Armada if you open and close
my position when you want.
I was introduced by my friend and also my friend this problems.
My friend introduced client with 6000 euros of deposit and this
is your philosophy?
I want this 3.61 euro back.
I hope to solve my problem very soon.

Cristiano Azzolini