Arum capital, clone/fake platform run by Chinese scammers


I have been a recent victim of a scam where I lost my entire savings and I am absolutely devastated. I met fraudster via Facebook where he quickly suggested to move our conversations to whats app. After building trust, he advised me to invest in cryptocurrency via Binance app then transfer this to a platform called Arum capital. I thought it was genuine firm and they had 24hour customer service. They made lot of excuse and lies to make me pay more money and demanded more money in order to withdraw my own funds. Later, I found out that I was victim of pig butchering scam. Has anyone been scammed by this platform?
I was about to be scammed yet, I just used the scammer to learn to use Binance. They offer guidance and patience to use the app. APPLAUSE FOR THEIR PATIENCE TO SCAM. Give every screenshot to guide you every step. OF COURSE, SS that I sent, all important DETAILS WERE ERASED/BLOCKED. Also, while our conversation was going through, I'm searching in every details he was giving. Red flags were there, i know he was as SCAMMER. FUN FACT: THEY PRAISE YOU LIKE GODDESS. LIKE YOU ARE THE WORLD TO THEM. AND I AGREE that they will to get your week points. Good thing there was a problem on my trade where some sort bank info that I inadvertently entered made a delay. The scammer got tired of following me up. binance customer service was so helpful and cancelled my order where the merchant was not responding to me. Had my new trade And just had my money back today❤️