Astonforex (cowboys or thiefs?)


I agree what has been said about
Astonforex company here.

They probably are cowboys if not
even thiefs.

My story:

First Aston Forex (AF) called one day
in march 2014 and temptaded to open
account in their forex server.
The person in the phone introduced
herself as Juliet Wood.

I opened an account with deposit
500$ and they even gave me 30 days
moneyback quarantee.

They also said that their experts
would help with trading at the be-
ginning and so it also happened.
They opened some trades with coffee,
gold and finally dax which trade
was to become the one that destroyed
my whole account.

It all went pretty well in the
beginning only one gold xauusd
trade went to wrong direction and
I had to save my account with an
opposite direction trade.

The expert (James Don) made a good
profit with coffee so I decided to
continue with AF after 30 days trial
period. Only problems were with
that xauusd where I had to keep
both buy and sell trade simultaneous
ly to avoid account crash.

The one thing that made me nervous
with Don's trading strategy was that
he never used stop losses.

There was already almost 3K in the
account while the deposits were just
under 1K. So I was quite happy at
that point. I even thought that
with this velocity I'd be a millio-
naire in couple of years heh.

I also tried to withdraw a little
150$ and wondered why they don't
answer my withadrawal request even
after 10 working days. They say
that it would take maximum 5 days
to get that withadrawal money.

At that point I started to suspect
that is everything ok with that AF
company, are they struggling with
financial problems or even some-
thing worse (are they a real forex
company). I tried to ask after my
withdrawal at least once but no
answer was never given.

So it went forward with a small
suspect and I did nothing but
searched problems with Aston
from the internet and found
f.ex. this platform Forexpeacearmy
and then started to really
suspect what this AF really is.
Some other persons seem to have
lost their money too or if not
lost are at least unable to
withdraw anything or just
small part from Aston Forex.

My situation today is that there
is 52$ equity left which comes from
the credit 250$. The balance-profit
is negative approximately
200$ and I plan to close those
gold trades and then delete the
whole account but am not quite
sure is it possible if balance
would go to minus. Must I deposit
still 200$ to make the account
deletion possible. I would hate
to be forced to do that kind of
act with these scammers.

So my Aston Forex adventure may
come to cost me totally 1K US
dollars which is not a very big
amount compared with many other
victims but still it hurts.

Master Yoda

First I think you should reorganize your post, it looks like a too long poem :)

Secondly, how did you deposit?


First I think you should reorganize your post, it looks like a too long poem :)

Ok. Trying to make it shorter in the future.

Secondly, how did you deposit?

I got 2 mastercards. The first one I deposited 500$ and the second one 300$


You would sacrifice your profits if you do this, but it might be the only way to recover your funds.

Contact the issuing bank for each card. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain all the details about not being able to withdraw any money. Ask if a chargeback is appropriate for your situation.


Master Sergeant
despite it being a mere 1k dollars, in the world of online tradnig 1k is a big amount special to some like us retail traders. best of luck and i hope you get back your money!! forget abuot the profit and do not deposit any more. do keep us updated


Thanks quys I'll try to contact my credit banks. Actually I already
once had but that time they just advised me to contact seller
(Aston) to get things clear. At this moment that alternative
seems though quite impossible. What should I do with two open
trades still open in Aston Forex server. They are equally sized buy
and sell trades with gold so no more losses they won't make
except swap which is around 2$ per day. I 'll try to close those
today and then I was planning to send cancel announcement
to Aston grrr.. in any case I quess i have to do that.


Any usable info on AstonForex is also welcome with me ! I have invested 4.000 € in Fenbruary, they realized profits (which was, <I have to admit, well done) of about 3.200 € in March.
Since end of March they have gone silent. I know they still exist though, because one of them called me after I faked to be a new client. As soon as they found out that I wanted to settle my account, they quickly abandoned by saying that they will ask my broker to call me asap. Of course nothing happened.
Does anybody know how I can get their operational address in London ? I might set up a demonstration in front of their doors...