I've been working on astro-finance for 14 years. Astro-finance is a technique that proves the correlation between the movements of the planets and the financial markets. Price and time are based on the combination. This technique is the famous analyst W.D. Gann also successfully used. But Gann never explained the content of the technique. The Astro-Finance technique is not just an estimation method. It is also an adaptation of a philosophy in financial markets. The price movements in the markets act in a certain order and are not coincidental. So some kind of natural law. Everything in the universe acts in harmony as a whole. The projection of the geometry of the planets on financial events is also part of this fact. My purpose in opening this title is primarily to introduce this technique to people and to open discussion. Here I will share my predictions about the basic instruments, S & P500, Eurusd, Gold and Brent Petroleum. I will make predictions of predetermined dates. The dates given are based on the dates of the planets' zodiac change and back and forth movement.
So we can start predicting:

On 29 January 2019 at 12:50 pm (New York time):
- S&P500 is above 2670
- Eurusd is below 1,1365
- Brent Oil is below 62,70
- Gold is below 1282


With all respect for your work, this is the craziest thing that I have ever heard. It was a good joke, now you can tell us based on which real analysis you are making predictions and how many pips was your score up to date?


At first site this can be crazy. Of course I doubt this theory a lot, but I know that now astrology is a new trend and a lot of people follow it. I know a few people with very successful businesses and they usually consult with astrologist before taking any risky actions. So I guess astro-trading is kind of like that. If you believe in that, this is going to work.