The Belize watchdog today warned that a company calling itself ATS Markets Global Ltd is purporting to be registered in the country with the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), yet the certificate of incorporation on its website under the url is a “complete forgery,” according to the an official IFSC press release.

The update was by IFSC Director General Neri J. Matus, who said that all persons concerned should exercise extreme caution and take note as the aforementioned entity is not licensed by the IFSC or any other competent authority in Belize to carry out any type of trading activity.
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Refuted company number
A check of the broker’s website lists a UK phone number, yet calls to the number went to voice-mail when Finance Magnates attempted to reach out to the company. Listed on the bottom of the ATS website was a company number 152,302 that purports to be registered in the country, and may have been the item that caught the IFSC’s attention with regard to the warning.

The website also lists that the company is headquartered at Suite 102, Blake Building, Corner Eyre & Hutson Streets, Belize City, Belize, and in the about us section it makes reference to other global offices including in the United Kingdom, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Afghanistan, and India.

Looks like a scam
It’s not clear how many clients may be affected by the firm which has already been cited today for forgery over its regulatory status. Therefore, this is a warning sign of other potentially fabricated aspects of its business with regard to credibility.

Moreover, even the funding links on the website were password protected in an effort to distance the information of the recipient from the public-facing side of the website, yet another potential warning signs visible on the site.

Typically, scam artists in scenarios like these may deny the accusations and make up excuses, perhaps that it was an administrative error or due to a mistake from someone in marketing or that the company number belonged to a different jurisdiction or some other preposterous excuse, while attempting to paint a picture of integrity in an effort to dupe investors.
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I am victim of the Scam of ATS having account numbers
1) 200169
2) 200170
3) 200171
4) 200172
5) 200183 The total amount is 1795$ They are attracting the people by Bonus hedging system ask for big deposit. I have already lost of 3 months behind of getting false promises. then I decided to open case in IFSC Belize , VFSC VANUATU,IBC BELIZE regarding the INTERNATIONAL COMPANY REGISTRATION all the Certificates are fake are declared by the IBC BELIZE & IFSC BELIZE. All the address are fake please check attachment. All my account get message Invalid Account. FPA please contact ATS & Match-Trade to get recover my payment

ATS MARKETS GLOBAL is operated via MATCH-TRADE TECHNOLOGIES CA this people are refusing to give all the details of owner of ATS GLOBAL . This is my final request to MATCH TRADE TECHNOLOGIES- why you are hiding & saving the fraudster of the ATS otherwise it is suspicious that your direct & indirect involvement in the scam.

The email id is still in operation

Menon Salman <>,
Backoffice | ATS <>,,,

Match Trade


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Send a link to this thread to all the email addresses you have for ATS. Invite them to come and discuss the issue.
Already sent invitation ,If they were genuine the withdrawal is not pending till. It means that MATCH TRADE gives birth to new scammers otherwise they operate via forgery company as per IFSC Belize


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The Forgery company is formed by the I have strong evidences against the pickpocketers please guide how to arise case against the case CFTC & NFA or you can be open case as whistleblower I will provide you the details.

Match Trade Technologies voilates that they are opening limits on their server for traders without registred in any regulatory body in USA. behind the Technology firm.
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From what I can tell, Match-Trade just sets up brokers with MT4 access. It's the broker which handles (or mis-handles) client funds. Unfortunately, there's no law against renting a virtual office on some remote island and paying some company to help set up an unlicensed brokerage. The legal violations are when the broker starts ripping off clients.

If you or one of the companies involved is connected to the USA, you can visit to file complaints.