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Price thresholds

Have you noticed how the entry prices for a buy or sell are always 15 pips either above or below the next major even price? For example, the first order is a sell, and the entry price is 1.3915, or 15 pips above the take profit of 1.39000. The first buy enters at 1.3985, which is 15 pips below 1.40000. This pattern of targeting even prices and posting a stop order 15 pips away repeats all through the statement.

For the stop orders that were canceled, it looks like the trend turned away from the stop order's entry price, and at some point the EA decided to delete the stop order since it became increasingly apparent that it wouldn't be hit.

I don't think this lets us draw any conclusions about the EA's alleged real-time optimization. But it does illustrate that if prices are moving and come within 15 pips of a psychological "00" price level, that the prices will go ahead and complete the move. It's as if the psychological levels will act like magnets to draw moving prices, and at some point the force is overwhelming, which yields a very good win-loss ratio.


Good observation and very interesting.