(Neville Banks)


I tried this on a live account (OandA) and it started with a bang. Up nearly 20% in one day. But I had problems because Neville's trades violate the FIFO rules enforced on US prisoners (we used to be called citizens but our government has decided that we need to be protected). Neville responded to all of my emails quickly but only suggestion was to find another broker. He did not know which broker his successful clients were using but said he would look into it. I had a account with FXDD and the allow LIFO for US clients. I applied the trading to this account with the default settings. The results were terrible. In the course of 3 days my account is down 25% as 9 trades were in such drawdown that FXDD did a margin call and closed the trades. These trades still show as open on Neville's site. Bottomline: US clients will have a difficult time getting the same results published on this vendor's website.


The review by ggjr61 is disappointing compared to the hype on the sales page. Does anyone have anything positive to say about Auto Forex Income?

I'm tempted to try it using the broker FinFX ( Based in Finland, they are not subject to FIFO rules and accept US customers. I have used them with other EAs for almost a year now, and their customer service is second to none.

I will make another post when I get an opportunity to try AFI, but it would be nice to hear from some other experimenters.