Services Offered Automate TradingView strategy to Meta Trader


Automating TradingView alerts to MT4 is simple with TradingView To Anywhere. The setup process is very simple and can be completed in under 2 minutes.
To get started, create a Bot on BotFather and submit the bot API key on the website. To avoid errors, copy and paste are recommended. Create a new channel and add two bots:
  1. The bot you created on BotFather. To avoid mistakes and adding the wrong Bots, copy the name of your Bot from Bot father (the one ending with _Bot)
  2. The TradingViewToBot. This bot has the official TradingView To Anywhere logo
Send the /chatid command to your new channel to receive the chat ID (Remember to include the negative sign that comes with it). After submitting your Chat ID, Download the TradingView To MT4 EA and install it to your MT4 (Files>Open Data Folder>MQL4>Experts> paste here).
Go to Tools> Options> Expert Advisors and tick "Allow WebRequest for the listed URL. Add the following two URLs:
Enable Auto-Trading at the top (should be green) and install the EA on ONE chart only. Input your Webhook and now you are ready to Automate your alerts.