Automated Trading with NinjaTrader

Mr Patient

Not sure whether this is the right forum for this post so bear with me
(also to the moderators: I am not advertising any of the companies below, simply looking for advice from FPA members)

I currently Trade futures with avafx on the avatrader platform.
however pending what i expect from the reviews on FPA to be a poor withdrawal process i am looking at switching to a different broker, but staying with futures preferably.

I am looking at using a capstone trading system, most likely corn swing trader and there crude oil programs. I would use the ninjatrader platform with Rithmic Data streaming and either Optiumus Trading group or there subsidiary, Traders platform.

Anyway just looking for any comments on the above trading system or automated trading in general.
Would love to hear from anyone who has a solid futures broker with good withdrawals and/or a good automated trading system running.

Finding a solid broker that allows ninjatrader and trades futures is very difficult and i would appreciate any advice!