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Discuss AutoPipsProfits.com (Justin Delmar)

General discussions of a financial company
Hold on

In the last two days ..
Im am about to look for a VPS
Dont know yet But....
This could be good!!
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In the last two days ..
I am about to look for a VPS
Don't know yet But....
This could be good!!
So far I am VERY Impressed but you need to run a demo
to get the settings right for your money management.
We will see if this is good but for many years I have been F%$ked and most likely will be this time to.
and yes I know that you should not get a service,.. for you will not learn how to trade.
and I believe this to be true.
But I have been in this FX for all most 4 to 5 years now. (Break even but getting better.. not bad for most)
And I can see what this service is doing and I can learn, even though He wont teach us for it takes to many years.

What I really want is a forum for all of us to share what is happing and why is this trade is progress
To learn what is happing.
I could start my own blog or someone else should.
This could be good.
I have had had only 2 days to see this in system in action. (But Wow)

Tell now... Need help on this one
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Auto Pips Profits

It is too early to decide for a VPS. One should give the system at least a week or two to see the win loss ratios before going into further cost .

How many trades were opened say on Friday and what were the results in terms of pips?
AutoPipsProfits..... sometimes

Irregular trading (sometimes misses a day).
Fairly expensive for a signals service.
Some big satisfying wins AND some big inexplicable losses..

Not sure that I've actually made money yet....but I suspect that I've made no headway yet and shown only about a thou in drawdown. I'll leave it live as I suspect it's just another equivocator. i.e. if you can ride out the losses maybe they'll hit their stride eventually..... and get right in step with the trend.

Same thing applies to Wall Street V3.8.

kangaroo V6.1 trades irregularly but makes a few bucks (until it first hit its stops on 05 May for quite a big loss). At least they apologized by email. It was a ***** of a day. Wish Trichet would just shut the f***-up...... and let the EURUSD gravitate towards its own levels. Robots can't cope with a double-barrel shotgun broadside..... not that Trichet said anything useful.

Think I'll just learn to trade manually instead......
justin delmar

My APP and APP sniper are running now for a month and I have to say that am impressed with there money management.

I started with a live account with 5000 euro's and now it's up to 7119 euro's so I think that's quiet impressive, or not?


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justin delmar

I bought the APP black ops sniper for a one time fee of 58,70 euro's and now I see that they are charging me monthly for this service!

This is what there support has to say about this:

Please be informed, the GBP/USD Sniper signal service is delivered under a monthly subscription fee only. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused by this issue. The information about payment fees will be updated soon on our web-site to prevent any further misunderstanding.
In order to regain your trust we assure you will not be charged for every single month the GBP/USD Sniper does not make money.

So now am paying 116 euro's per month for APP client and APP sniper.

I really feel cheated!



Ill be asking for a refund!
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Cancelling AutoPips Profits

Numerous nonsense losses after a good first few trades. It's definitely now a "cancel". They're all turning out to be much of a muchness.

Forex Hercules (both versions)- loss after silly loss

HybridPips - what a total waste of time that was. Vies with OneClick Pips for being the mosr ridiculous. But very dangerous too as it places 55 lot trades....seemingly on a whim.

AutoPips Profits - Off to a good start then worsened until there were no profitable trades at all whatsoever for weeks now. Its good start really sucked me into leaving it live. Now the indomitable challenge of trying to cancel a subscription via PLIMUS. After trying for hours and even Googling the process, I'm about to explode.

Forex Income Engine: Expensive part of a very expensive Iaccino system. Trading program spits out nonsense trade after nonsense trade - 80% to 90% are silly suggested trades that you'd never bother putting on. I gave up on it after two days. May as well throw darts at the screen. I found that it was locking up my powerful computer and/or program freezing (despite repeated upgrades trying to fix its problems). Very very clunky.