Autotrade copier service from forexspecs has given loss from my account.

Venupasunuri can you provide something in writing?

Even a screen shot of a chat where you were told this?
Some client misunderstood this guarantee of 200 pips. We are not a fund or financial institution to guarantee losses, cause end decisions are made by client. If we provide month in loss - we provide free month. Constantive positive forex performance can't be based on short term 1 week - 1 month - most traders don't understand that.

Mr. Venu account over $200 - can't follow correct money managment even with 0.01 lot.

We not providing service telling people - that will provide you service that from 200 you will get 10'000 in a month.
I think he is under the impression that he is protected from possible losses.
What I want to know is if he was told that or read it somewhere or is he assumed he was protected to that degree.

If he can prove that he was told that in a chat or it's in his agreement then he is entitled to reimbursement of the service fee as well as the losses.

That's why I want to see some type of warranty that he is protected and to what degree he is protected.

I will be watching this thread.
Typical scammer behavior. Get hit with questions you can't answer and find some BS reason to go after the FPA - as if that changes a single fact brought up by your client.

So your mail system gives a warning on an email? So what? I see unnecessary warnings happen on emails from legitimate companies all the time. How does that alter the facts about how a client lost money with your allegedly guaranteed service and all you can do is hide behind TOS which give you the right to decide whether or not failing to get 200 pips and/or failing to get profit really qualifies for your so-called 200 pips profit guarantee?

If the client can't make a profit with small money, why should he put in more?
You don't give any real facts - we already told everybody can write negative comments about our company and our services.
You don't give any real facts - we already told everybody can write negative comments about our company and our services.

You are encouraging people to call you scammers with comments like that so stop it.
If you are legit then show it and answer things in a professional manner.

I am asking once again for "written" proof that there was ever a guarantee or warranty promised.

I don't so much care WHERE it was promised as I care that it was in fact promised.

As far as I am concerned Venupasunuri, the ball is in your court.

Show us you were promised the money and we will do all we can to help you.
Hi Snapped 2002.

I have a confirmation through chat. Please find below.

(11:35:52) Visitor 43387058:but the thing is i want full trust with u..

(11:36:01) Visitor 43387058:so thats why iam asking

(11:36:16) Sean Joe:We explain you - we are not scammer

(11:36:21) Sean Joe:we will guarantee you profit

(11:36:29) Sean Joe:and full money back

(11:37:02) Visitor 43387058:Money back means with Account balence and trade copier charges right..??

(11:37:11) Sean Joe:yes

(11:37:14) Sean Joe:no problem

(11:37:36) Visitor 43387058:ok thats fine ..

That's why i purchased the signals and took the service..

Kindly ask them for reemberce to money back. to te my skrill account
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I appreciate that you are showing the conversation however that's not what I meant.
I want to see concrete proof you were told this by them.

Do you have a screen shot of that chat?
You can post the image here.

When chats are over you can normally get a transcript of the chat sent to your E-mail, did you do that?
E-mails are great because they are time/date stamped and show who it came from.

I always save these chats for future reference.

If you have something like that, then it shows that they promised you.

Hi snapped2002

Please find the screen shots as an attachments and below screenshot same.

Venu Pasunuri


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