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I first invested with ATB in October 2015. As a trial I invested $300. They quickly traded this up at a success rate of 83%.

I was then convinced to invest $10000 further. I had an agreement with my account manager, Daniel Diamant, that I will be able to start making withdrawals after 3 months. Initially it went very well. Again at more than 80% success, the account went up to $30000 by April 2016. Then due to a dispute about them not allowing me the withdrawals as agreed, I decided not to invest further. After this everything changed.

I instructed them to stop trading on my account and after that had almost no further communication from my account manager, Daniel Diamant. I must have sent hundreds of e-mails and made many unsuccessful telephone calls.

Although they were not trading on the account, there were still trades showing on their website, but with a zero value. Their success had dropped down to +-35%. Nowhere near what they show on their website. What's more is that I also registered another demo account. What I realized is that when you use a demo or they think you will invest further, they give you the best results. The demo account showed success of above 80%.

About two weeks ago I received an e-mail from their support saying that Daniel Diamant left the company. (This seems to be the excuse of many scam companies, when they start ignoring you). I said to them that I want to resolve the issue. They said many times that all telephone calls are recorded. When I requested the recordings of the calls between the account manager and I, all I received were promises of them looking into it.

They are bluntly refusing my withdrawals, saying that I agreed to the terms and conditions, stating that withdrawals were only allowed after 12 months. This is totally against all regulation rules. I also never took a bonus from them.

After sending several e-mails in the last two weeks and Adam Smith (some new employee)promising that a senior account manager will contact me, I have not heard from them. And then this morning I saw (without my consent) that they started trading on the account again. Placing $500 per trade at a success of 35%. Losing $4000 in less than 3 days.

I am uploading files where you can see their fake posts about their results compared to the results in real accounts. You can also see how they lost $4000 in

Do not invest with . They will only take your investment and never give you a withdrawal.

ATB New losses.jpgATB Fake results 0617.jpgATB Real results 0617.jpg
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Sorry to hear of the above I myself am having exactly the same issue it's disgusting !! Daniel Diamant mailed me 2 days ago about liquidating my account of 18000USD and surprise surprise 500USD trades are now being placed and I see my account dwindling.
Amazing, I was told he left the company. I am talking to an Adam Smith. I believe they may be the same person?

Adam Smith was also going to locate the "recorded conversations" between Diamant and I, but in about 3 months now, nothing has surfaced.

I instructed them to stop the trading and then same as you, two days ago they started placing $500 trades in the account


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Sorry to hear of the above I myself am having exactly the same issue it's disgusting !! Daniel Diamant mailed me 2 days ago about liquidating my account of 18000USD and surprise surprise 500USD trades are now being placed and I see my account dwindling.
Amazing how they convince you to invest more by showing you amazing results in demo accounts and in the beginning. And the moment they think you will not invest more, they go quiet and start losing all your money.
It looks like that they are based out of the UK and powered by Spot Option are signs of a scam. I would file a complaint with Action Fraud of the UK Police as they handle this kind of thing. Their web site is They won't respond per their web site, but they do investigate. I have been able to work with the NFA too here in the USA, so you may be able to do the same.
See how the daily results differ from a real ATB account to the fake results they post on their website. On 22 June, they claim 9 out of 10 on their site, but in reality in my account it was 4/9. 44%. If you speak to them try to convince you that they have different traders trading on the accounts and that is why the results differ. I said to them that I did not select the option to have the account managed by their traders Daniel Martin, Chris Jennan or Halden Adil. But in the demo and real accounts I had both were set to Medium Risk/Reward setting but still produced different results.

I have also tried previously to contact Chris Jennan, who is shown on ZoomInfo as the owner: "Chris is the founder and partner of AutoTradingBinary.He comes from a world of forex trading but has since taken over the massive growth in binary options and managing the entire auto-trading program we have here." They just ignored all my requests to make contact.

This is probably another fake name.


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Just some more proof. Their website results show 9/11 wins. My real results show 2/10 for a loss of $3300 for the day.

ATB Fake Results 0623.jpg ATB Real Results 0623.jpg
Despite some more requests from my side to discuss my account with ATB, no one has contacted me. But yet, they are able to post their daily results, take on new clients etc., but a client who is supposedly on a VIP plan, gets no customer service. It seems like someone has now put me on the 66% success plan. They actually had 6/7 successful trades on Friday, but got 66% on Monday 4/6 (27 June) and Tuesday 6/9 (28 June) in my account and then claiming 100% on their website for Monday (06/27)

.ATB Fake Results 0627.jpg ATB Real results 0627.jpg