Ava Withdrawal Issues on my Account


Hi, Ava, I wanted to make a withdrawal but my card changed but the account remains the same. So I explain the Customer Support that my bank account number did not change but my card changed. They said they going to do a manual withdrawal and it will take 5 working days (20 Nov 2020). Then a few days I followed up but found that the withdrawal was done in Wire and the Customer support said it was an error and she will do it via Debit Card. I followed up again on the 27 Nov 2020 and found it was done via wire as per the Customer Support I asked why because I was told it was supposed to be done via Debit and not wire. After holding on she gave me an ARN number which I was told to call Visa. I called Visa and they told me to call my Local bank which I did and my local bank said there is no pending money. I informed Customer Support but still no joy. I called Visa again and explain that my broker said I must give the ARN number and they inform me there is not pending money which I inform AVA about this.

My VISA Case number is 05140704
Withdrawal Issues - Ref Number Request 542941; Re: Request 537063; Re: Request 542788

I have sent a mail to complaints on the Sat 11/28/2020 10:16 AM