Avafx scammed me $62964! Stay Away

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Alert!!! Avatrade/Avafx scammed me $62964 .

they have took my this fund/capital by adopting various tricks time to time, which are;-
- one day, they i find in my account no money left,then they force me to add more funds to restore the account and also with a condition to sign up some powr option ib contract, but when they restore, that is not the original trades i had,
- stopping & cancelling deposit into the account
- created a high spread many times when you want to close position, you wont be able to.
-charging absurd rollover sometime, already their daily rollover is very very high

-entering into my account unauthorizely.

- Dont be part of their IB because they will not pay your commission since you won't be able to keep a track of the trades others are doing, i used to take details from my friends so though every other month i used to fund commissons are not being paid, and with my strong follow ups,they could not get away with it much but this is what is their intentions are,trying to steal money from IB commmission, i remained ib with them for some time
Don't ever deal with them , A big time scam!!!!!

Any suggestion what steps I should take??
Avatrade/Avafx has scammed me $62964-pl. help

I have been badly scammed by them, they have applied various tricks on my account with a purpose of cleaning my account, they have cancel & returned my deposit when I needed to fund my account to protect, they have unauthorizely entered in my account, they have charged a huge rollover one day at the time of opening market to bring my equity lower, they have put a very high spread various time at the time of talking profit from the trades OR at the time of closing the positions,they have cleaned up my account,
I have lost all these money with them.
Pl. advise complaining to BVI is the right idea? do they really take any actions against them? OR if we file a lawsuit, how do we get them served with court documentation?
pl. advise
i cant see any ava trade rep here? and i yes please let him know i been contacting mr amar and other mangers and all of them shows no respect !!!
file case to visacard or any financial item you used and you will see how they will get scared becouse after all i see i think they used to scamm lot of traders the same way and i am doing that as well and file a case via visacard and paypal
Pl. help me, i need little adise from you, they took my almost $63000, it is a real fraud broker.
i have a very good proof for which i can complain police immidiately- do you think a police complain will help? they are caught red handed with me.
the whole world should know what a secret software they use to scamm a trader, they will be finish,
pl. suggest if i have REAL BIG time proof/documentation, then what shoild i do?
pl. pl. advise me ? God bless you
can you email me,pl.? fx4@live.ca
First of all:
Be sure WHO exactly you were dealing with. Who is your legal partner here?
Avafx.com is not a company, it's a website.
If you go on Avafx.com it will direct you to the "homepage" of Avafx - and then you land at


This site is owned by AVA Trade EU Ltd

.. and THIS company is regulated and licensed in Ireland

So your complaints should be directed to there, and that includes filing criminal charges with the Irish Authorities..

... and it's a scammer
Read the warnings of the Canadian Authorities......