AVAFX withdrawal problem

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My first forex experience was with avafx. I started some 2 months ago and on 23.10.09 I had a trade with 404€ profit (as you can see from the attached file named "avafx closed positions") which was later cancelled. As they responded the reason to cancel the trade was: "The below trade(s) were executed in prices outside of the market: 6093378. In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, the P/L of those trades has been removed from your account."

After they "stealed" this profit from my account I decided to withdraw the rest of the money I had on the account before they decide to take the rest of the money too. However here I encountered with the next problem. I sent them withdrawal form for 500€ that were left on the account and Avafx emloyee Chantal Gelderbloem from customer support emailed me that my funds will be sent to me very soon. That was on the 9th of November (I sent the file on the 6th).

To this day I haven't received any money from them. After many emails I sent to them no one could provide me the answer when my funds will be sent to me (obviously not as soon as mr.Gelderbloem stated before). Their live help employees also didn't provide the sufficient answer. They kept repeating I should receive my money soon until one day one of them stated that my account has been involved in a fraud and they will not continue to work with this account anymore, my initial deposit of 100€ had been sent back to me (I havent received this money neighther) and that no further information on this matter is available.

I couldn't receive any sufficient information from them about what happened with my money and why exactly it is taking so long for them to send me the funds. For me it just looks like they want to steal the 2 months of work I put on forex...

Please help.



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You have just experienced one of the main reasons why the Officers of these POS thieving companies should be lined up against a wall. I bet there would be a lot less of this behavior. This Broker has a reputation of taking months(if ever) in returning ANY money! Also-next time you go shopping for a Broker, notice the micro-print at the bottom of your account application-almost all brokers state they can do what ever they want to your trades or accounts based on their mood(or bottom line more likely). The best is when they NEVER answer their phones or email.This POS den of thieves has ALWAYS been a "deposit Only" sh_t
company staffed by dishonest sub-human slime. :p Nice job AVAFX ! Thieves.
I still haven't received any information from them... can I expect some help from FPA? Or what should I do for FPA so that I receive help in this matter?

I'm really tired of AVAFX and their unprofessional behaviour... Something should be done so that they stop robbing people.
Leave them a review explaining how they haven't sent you the money they owe you. Then email all the addresses you can find for them. Explain the issue again and give links to this thread and to the review page.

Often, a little bad PR can spur some action.
On monday the 7th I explained the situation again to all AVAFX employees and email addresses I could found. I sent them link to this thread as well and gave them time until friday 11th to send me back the funds I requested via withdrawal form. I have no respond from their side yet... Will post here if sth happens until friday...
There is no news from their site... they keep ignoring my emails... if anybody else has the same problems with AVAFX we should come together in fighting against them...
welcome to club, I have same problem with you but in different broker named GIGFX. they dont asnwer my email also. thier are two attemps to deposit my funds but my money did not reach in my account only i recieve tt copy nothing else. they dont reply anymore on my emails. Hope FPA can help resolve this problem. dont lose hope.
To all victims of AVA FX crimes,
Yes, it is absolutely true that once you deposit your money you'll need a good luck in withdrawing it if you decide so.

About 6 months ago I have opened an account with them and deposited 10 thousand usd via wire transfer.
Trading luck went against me and all i had left in my account was about 40 usd.
Asked to withdraw and sent a withdrawal form. Their answer came after more than 2 months of desperate inquiring:

Thank you for trading with Ava FX.

We have received your withdrawal form, unfortunately the method of payment is not suitable. You will need to send in a new withdrawal form with a different method of payment. You also need to send in your documents for verification. You need to send in a copy of your ID and a copy of a utility bill or bank statement with your full name and address for verification.

* You can not withdrawal via wire transfer less then $150.

* If you deposited via credit card / PayPal you must withdraw the original deposit amount back to that method.

Let me be clear here folks, I am not crying about measly 40 bucks here, it's AVA's policy that makes it a "mission impossible" to withdraw your money.

I've never had such problems with FXDD and recommend trading with them because withdrawals are super easy.
Beware of AVA FX and spread the message wide and broad to whomever you care about and respect.
Good luck to all traders here. cheers :)
this matter was later resolved with FPA help. the cancelled trade was partly paid and and I sent them a new withdrawal form to withdraw all that was on the account and close the account. after many emails and after spending a lot of time and energy they finaly paid.

I have to thank FPA again.