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Avax Scam

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by sherman goh, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. sherman goh

    sherman goh Recruit

    Oct 11, 2011
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    Hi ther, i'm sherman here from Malaysia.
    I have one issue regarding my deposit via bank wire transfer .
    Last month when i started join AVAFx their customer service is good and prompt.It was handle by my acc agent appointed by their side Josh. Brown.
    After few days i loses all my credit and i dont intend to find out what's the issue actually.
    Then last friday when i was trying to fund again my money to their acc. using the same detail they given to me.At first their side informed me tht money will be funded within 3-5 days business day and i waited for the first 3 days as previously when i started bank in for the first day it just took bout 2 days it already gone through their acc.but until now today Friday going to 6 days working day / businesss days i dint get any response from my acc. agent Josh and everytime i'm going for a live chat they told me the same thing.He's not available at the moment .
    i've email a lot of times for the update under info@avafx.com and some other email as well.
    no response until yesterday when i deal with a customer service named Mira Martin he finally responded to me and again i waited for his revert.
    until night time malaysia bout 9:00pm and reverted me on somthing .

    Thank you for the email. Our operations department just informed me that deposits made via wire transfer can take up to 2 weeks in the worst case. They checked with your swift copy but so far we didn't receive the funds.

    i felt tht it's a nonsense as it's very weird for a bank wire to reach for 2 weeks time and moreover it's more than 5 business days no response for them.

    yes , although the money is not much but it does means to me..
    i would like to asked forexpeacearmy to help me on giving solution on this matter or solve it for me should be good .

    Any ppl help or giving me some advise please.

    thanks u very much.
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