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Axitrader full scam broker. I'm giving warning with proof. dear Trader be careful from Axitrader. they closed my last trade GBPJPY by hitting STOP LOSS by increasing spread about 32 pips. My trade SL was 138.30 and when my trade got close by hitting stop loss, That time market price was 137.97. now think about how my trade got hit SL at 138.30??????????????? they increase spread and got hit SL by ask price. they did that because they are trading fully against client trade. client loss, broker gain. that's why they are doing all illegal things. i've attached one screen shot, where i showed all the things in the chart.


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Link to some;

2: (Look at the furious complaints and not the butterfly remarks).

In the aforementioned case, it seems to me that AxiTrader makes up their own board of trades in-house. As expected, another blatant market maker with a conflict of interest business model.

Don't get me wrong, there are two types of market maker. One that is highly regulated and the other type that are mid-lowly regulated with blatant act ripping clients off 24/7. You have to do your own research to be able to tell who is legit, and who isn't. The ones that is highly regulated operates on an A & B book model, a hybrid so to speak.

Here's a directory for you to learn the differences of the models that led to some other definitions and glossaries along the way:


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