AxxiomForex. Its what im looing for but some things are right.


I was contacted on the email by a managed fund service offered by Axxiom Forex. I enquired about a managed fund service through someone else and they forwarded me to Axxiom. I got an email from them saying they offer a PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) managed account service. I checkout out their website but it directed me to another link. They must have changed the hyperlink text but forgot to change the actual link. It directed me to instead of axxiom.

bullseyeforexsignals is the same service except they offer a EA copier which basically executes the trade on the clients side through the EA via a master server. This costs a subscription rather than the High water mark performance fee that Axxiom offers.

Someone from Axxiom called me not long ago and when i mention this to them they said this was another service that they offer... I found it weird that this 'service' was under a different name and company.

I did some further research and found that Axxiom forex (Axxiom Forex Group) and Legacy Forex (Legacy Forex) share the same third party verified Myfxbook chart. I found out that these two companies are owned by the same director anyway, But the Myfxbook chart have different usernames associated with the chart. I found this suspicious. Legacy Forex offers the same EA copier that offers.

Why would one company have then created another company identical called Legacy Forex, then create another company again called Axxiom which offers the same service just in a different way (PAMM). With the PAMM setup they dont have access to any of my money directly. They just have authority to execute trades. But why would they have 3 different companies ? Axxioms seems great and everything but i dont like what im seeing and am hesitant about using the service.

Does someone have an explanation or advice?

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The reason why I posted this was because I had no response by email when I asked them earlier. It turns out their mail server was faulty to which some emails were not getting through. Their principal trader from Axxiom Forex called me on 10th May 2012 to see if I was still interested and I asked the same questions as above. The response was that they are utilising different business/trading models to give more flexibility to clients. They are all the same group and have nothing to hide.
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Some companies do resell each other's signals. If you think they look interesting, shop around and see who offers the best deal for the same package.