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BackToTheFutureTrading.com flux capacitor


Has anybody tried the Flux capacitor over at Backtothefuturetrading.com

Yes it has a cheesy name, but I've been watching their videos and if they can do half of what they say they can it's pretty impressive.

It's got mixed reviews over at BigMikeTradingForum.com, but some of it looks good.

However it's quite expensive at $2,000 so I'm wondering if anybody has made the leap and has any opinions good or bad?
I tried it and found it to be unreliable. I did a frequency count of their winning vs losing signals and got much lower results than Michael Lydick promised. I tried to get a refund within 24 hours and Michael chose to keep my money. He's untrustworthy and from what I could tell, the system does not work. They erase alot of the false signals. The chat room was run by some hick in NC who continually talked about hunting. The trades they called were bogus. I have 60 megs of Internet speed and I never came close to getting a trade off anywhere near they claimed they did...there was the hunter and a confederate. I concluded they were doing simulation trading. The whole experience was an unfortunate waste of money and time. Never, Never, Never give someone like LyDick your credit card number without demanding AT LEAST a week's trial. That's all it would have taken for you to decide to pass on this flimflam.


Yes this Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future Trading is a SCAM, Michael Lydick is just out to take your money and mine and he did, he will not give it back and gets very defensive when asked for a refund, he does not care if you have not used it or not. It does NOT work, it does not predict the Future! Michael Lydick is a fast talker and will do everything to get your credit card number to the point of rudeness. As far as i know it is illegal not to give a refund according to consumer protection.
Do NOT waste your time or MONEY is the best advice I can give you. He has taken my money and i have nothing for it, he stopped my license shortly after paying, so i paid 2K for absolutely nothing. Does anyone know his postal address, could you please inform me?
thank you.


Private, 1st Class
I gave serious consideration to the Back to the Future indicators. Michael tries to dazzle you with his smooth presentation and traders vocabulary. But when questioned had to admit he doesn't trade himself because of fear of losing. Didn't square up with me...I have these marvelous tools but can't make it myself with them...but I'll sell them to you with no money-back guarantee. NO THANKS MICHAEL!


Please when reading these "reviews" keep in mind several things that help clarify whether or not the person writing the review is trustworthy.

Every page of the website has a "no refund/no return" disclaimer. This is due entirely to the fact that we are a small company, and simply can't handle more than 2-3 customers a week with regards to training and installation. Most new traders are expecting to learn everything there is to know about the system - and the signals, instantly. They will then (via force of habit) take everything you've taught them and attempt to get their money back having learned everything you know now (as a vendor) essentially for free. So you have to ask yourself - what type of trader - who knows there is no refunds - no returns - is told not to buy the software if that was something they wanted to do eventually - buys the software and tries to "get a refund within 24 hours"?

Next question.

I publish forecasts - they're not really forecasts, they're behavioral outputs from the software, in advance every week. The link hasn't changed in over 4 years. I tell people who want to know more about the software to follow that page - and every Thursday, we reviewed what happened at the output times during the 2 days of forecasts. We do this every week. It never changes. The markets never change, the time frames never change. The settings never change. It's the same NinjaTrader workspace. And every week, people come to see if what we gave away - what the software output was, matches up with anything close to what the market actually did. We do this so that traders can see if the signals were useful to them, or not.

Here's the link:

Flux Webinar Histogram Forecasts - Back To The Future Trading

As if that weren't enough, we have a live event every Friday, where the software provides the outputs for the NYSE session - and people sit there and watch to see what happens at the times. If someone saw good results across Wednesday and Thursday - and they still weren't sure, the live event is impossible to fake. There are forecast times and directions (future) and there is what actually happened by 12:00pm Eastern (the past). The 2 either reconcile more often than not, or they don't.

It's impossible to erase false signals. Forecasts can't be erased. What you said would happen either happened, or it didn't. In fact, if you looked at the code of our tools, you can't find one line of code that makes a signal

a. disappear
b. repaint
c. delay in plotting

It doesn't exist. The signals that plot are there - burned in, and never disappear or repaint in a more favorable area. I don't understand this poster's motivations, but via this one statement you must question everything else they've said, because they are found to be lying at least about this one thing.

In addition - we don't run a "trading" room. We run a training room. My partner Ron, who runs the room - was born and raised in Thomasville North Carolina. He has a Southern accent. It grieves me deeply that this poster has used words like "hick" and "confederate" to describe someone in any capacity. This should also help you understand the mind of the person posting these words when asking to yourself, "who do I believe, here?".

This is an actual letter from a customer - not a troll poster like "burned". Marc is a real customer, and available for emails/phone calls if you want to verify what he's saying.

Question what you read on forums. Vendors aren't the only people who shouldn't be trusted....

Hello Michael and Ron:

I want to thank you for your prompt, courteous, and effortless for me assistance in installing Flux on my new computer. Without question, your “after hours” correspondence, dedication to your customers, and excellence in customer service is a hallmark. No matter the size of a company, these are the factors which are most important to me.

I was equally impressed with Rachel Schmidt who was assigned to the installation. She was personable, cheerful, efficient, patient, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and sincerely wanted everything to be perfect. She easily and comfortably dealt with an “old man’s” babble, while taking care of business. She did not rush; yet, paradoxically, proceeded quickly. This is a rare feat. I instantly knew I was in good hands.

For me, it is wonderful and inspiring to know there are young people with an old fashioned work ethic who strive for excellence!"

by Marc Weiss"


The guy who bought this, eventually did a review

Palmer, despite everything anyone else wrote here, bought the software. And he reviewed it. PM him if you don't believe that this review is from him:

Start of review:

HI Michael- Here is my review of BTTF. I tried posting on Big Mike's but it says that I need at least 10 posts to post on that forum and I only have 5. I don't really use the forum much. Anyway can you get someone else to post it, or you can put my review on your site, although I suppose it's kind of long.
Anyway feel free to use it as you want.

I've had the flux indicators for about 6 months now, and felt compelled to write a review for those who are interested in the product. I'm not getting anything for this review, and am not affiliated with the company in any way shape or form, other than being a client.

The Good

Your question should be do the indicators give you an edge. I would answer a definitive yes. However it's definitely not any sort of magic bullet, holy grail, insert your own hypey-phrase. The Flux Time Markers by themselves would not work well in my opinion as there are too many false signals to sort out. The reason is that, as the name implies the markers only look at time. However you also need to examine price movement.

Suggestions- One of the things that I did was add Volume Spread Analysis, the Better Volume Indicator to help filter out some of the flux time marker trades. I think it works better on MT4, but you can get it for Ninja Trader as well.

The other thing is you must have is a viable trading system that analyzes price movement as well. The flux indicators just give me a window for where to look for the markets to reverse. So if I'm looking at a 15 minute chart I generally look 10 bars on either side of where the marker will plot for a trade (yes that's 2.5 hours on either side, but when I use price movement as an additional filter I can get it down to within a few bars), but price must confirm the marker. In other words I must get a signal from my system to go.

Also I use 30 minute time markers, plotted on either a 15 minute or 60 minute chart. I felt that anything under 30 minutes gives too many false signals that I have to filter out. The 60 minute time markers are even more reliable in my opinion, but doesn't give me enough signals, so for me the 30 minute was just the right fit, but you'll have to experiment with what's right for you.

I should also mention that the customer service is pretty good. I've always gotten my emails answered promptly, there's additional training and webinars if you want it, and once when my system failed after an upgrade Ben was quick to setup a Skype session with me and fixed it remotely. These guys don't abandon you after the check clears like many vendors do.

The Bad
There is a learning curve with these indicators. BTTF isn't a trading system by itself. It's just another set of tools to add to your arsenal. As I mentioned earlier, I do have a system of my own that analyzes price, I also look at harmonic patterns,. seasonal patterns, standard deviations, support and resistance points, and I look for stop running.
To be honest for the first few months I really struggled with the Flux. It was until the addition of VSA, and some of the other tools mentioned above that I saw the usefulness of it.

Looking at all these factors I found a way to integrate the flux tools into what I was already doing. The time markers just give me a window which to look at trading opportunities. Although sometimes they do help me to catch trades at the exact top or bottom (I mean the exact candle), but usually what they do is help to catch the move within a few candles of the bottom or top. This is pretty helpful since I don't have to stay glued to the computer at all times, and I can plan my day accordingly.

You will have to take some time to figure how exactly to use it with your system. Michael and Ron are good guys and they will help you .
The package does come with a lot of indicators, some of which I found to be useful, some I didn't.

The Ugly

The software is expensive. This program But for what you get I do think it's reasonably priced. The other thing to remember is that as far as I can tell these guys are the only game in town for what they do. There's tons of price based software indicators out there, but not many for time.


In the past 5 years, and 1,452 customers, we have never stopped a license after someone paid for the software. The only time anyone's NT or MT4 license has been suspended, was in the event of a partial payment on a payment plan, which happens occasionally (someone gets a tax bill that was larger than they were anticipating, for example, and needs to halt their payment plan until they can save up for their next payment).

If "YellowSapphire" would share their name/email address - I could post a screengrab from the MT4/NinjaTrader licensing servers showing you that their license was in fact activated - or show you a screengrab of our accounting records showing a partial payment with corresponding license suspension.

My contact information is available for anyone to contact.

PH: (336) 703-7667 (Mobile)
Skype: Integra-Michael

We give out the projections for 3 days every week for people to decide the efficacy of the technique for themselves.

We don't get defensive with customers who ask for refunds, as there is a well posted/displayed/clearly defined no refund policy. We simply ask people to decide for themselves, based on these public signals every week, if the tools do what they were designed to do, or not.

PayPal, and Authorize.net require us to display a purchasing agreement on every page of our website, describing in detail what we are responsible for post-purchase. If the software doesn't install correctly, and we can't fix it in 30 days, we refund the money or Visa/Paypal takes it back. In 5 years, we've only had 1 customer where the software didn't install correctly because of software incompatibility issues and that customer's money was refunded as per our agreement with them.

Please decide for yourself. Projections are made available every Tuesday night - for Wednesday and Thursday, and then again Friday - to determine if these signals work, or not.

Flux Webinar Histogram Forecasts - Back To The Future Trading

Making libelous claims on the internet are illegal. I would ask that the moderators at ForexPeaceArmy consider counseling "YellowSapphire" to be careful when posting false or libelous statements on their site. I understand that most vendors are thieves, and scam artists. But posting lies like this isn't the way to solve that issue.


If someone would like to actually talk to customers that can be verified as people actually owning and using the software to trade, I would encourage them to contact me directly at (336) 703-7667 from 8am to 10pm ET, Monday through Friday. People are willing to share what they have gone through with you, good and bad - via phone, email, and Skype.