Bad habits of beginner traders.


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Traders who want to earn hundreds of dollars a month are always disappointed in their expectations. They are desperately trying to make money instead of calmly looking through charts and choosing the optimal trading settings.


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Quick decision-making, fussiness, not patience all this negatively affects the Forex trading. And beginners need to consider these points


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Back when I started my trading career in forex my major problem was trading without stop loss. It was a great emotional discomfort for me to put stops because I couldn't allow myself to fail. In the course of trade I was guaranteed to get a trade that blew my account.

Basically my equity curve was a slowly growing with abrupt drop somewhere after 100 - 400 % returns or even more. You are either need to stop and withdraw profit and start over or start placing stop loss and I chose second path.


the main one is realising emotions are attached and learning how to separate them from your trading. you will lose along the way, It's weather you continue to learn and try again


Maybe there are many beginners they rush in decision making since they look small floating profit, then in hurry to closed order immediately, while trend still continues, and let order without stop loss since face big floating loss just waiting with hope price will back to the early track, but eventually, margin call


Back when I started my trading career in forex my major problem was trading without stop loss. It was a great emotional discomfort for me to put stops because I couldn't allow myself to fail.
Nobody can`t win them all. ;)

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It is absolutely normal to make mistakes as a beginner, even as a professional trader mistakes occur.
Usually newbies are always in a rush to make a trade and the decision is more or less emotional, not rational.
It would be best to avoid such scenarios and to always make sure that the trade is well thought.
Demo accounts are perfect for practicing those skills. A few months on a demo account will help you improve your decision making skills and rational thinking.
Good luck!


Starting trading is hard sometimes and there are a lot of mistakes traders can do in the beginning.To get rid of mistakes, they must be identified and classified. There are mistakes that are on the surface and immediately noticeable, such as, trading opposite the trend, the abandon of stop-losses, and so on, but there are more complex mistakes that only professionals can identify. If technical mistakes can be seen at once only by looking at the history of performed deals, by the way, psychological mistakes can be easily identified on it as well, the mistakes of the trading system can be analyzed in a more complex way. The most popular mistakes are rather trivial but they're even more dangerous. Almost all novices hear about them but ignore as well. First of all, that's trading contrary to the trend. Trend is thousands, and sometimes millions of deals and the only ones who can trade opposite to the trend are large investment funds. Beginner should find and follow trend to get profit, that's clear. But the most dangerous mistake is the tilt. Tilt comes from the poker slang and that's the emotional state of the poker player, characterized by the loss of control over the game. And often beginners lose control of their trading and then lose money as well. The only one solution is to learn self control and analyzing each trade to find mistakes and correct them before they will become a habits.


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Beginner traders have less knowledge as they not pay attention to all aspects, news, calendar, charts, and analysis. They show less effort and want more profit in return. They should give time to market so that they give them their share. Second thing is to admit their mistakes it will give them new motivation to explore the market with fewer mistakes.


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There are some common mistakes that the novice traders usually do out their bad habits. I have pointed out the most common of them:

1. New traders usually always in a hurry to enter in a trade that’s why most of the time they engage in bad trade or wrong trade.

2. There is a common tendency not to analyze the trend, whenever they saw some positive changes in the market they never go through the common trend.

3. In the training period, not taking demo trading seriously, though it is a good chance of learning about forex market and forex trading.

4. Take decisions out of emotion.

5. Trade in huge lot.

I will definitely say that all these bad habits are the result of ignorance and lack of proper knowledge.
Number 4 is such a big one, and probably the hardest to overcome!