Banc de binary, bad trader advicers


i started trading with BDB, after a account manager called me and told me he knew how to make profit.
we started trading , and the trades he adviced , was not bank management orientated, and most of all the trades he and his vip college recommended me to take was ending up in loosing trades. this advicer works for the same company that im trading with.

so how is it possible that they can provide so bad advice , and all the time jeopardize ones whole bankroll.

this was over a period of 3 to 4 months.
during this period , i went from 10k to 0.
following just there advice, i tryed to tell them, to do bankroll management.
and to do safe trades.
but they told me they knew what they were doing.

the reason i coudent get any money out was because of a contract.

they kept telling me that we coud recover. but it never happened.
i wrote 2 major mails to BDB, and they never replied back.

all i can say is don't put money in to BDB

if more info is needed , since i have countless written conversations with them. let me know


It's simple. As far as I can tell, it's not possible for binary options companies to pass trades on to the real market. This means your gains (if you are lucky enough to be able to withdraw those funds) are their losses and your losses are their gain.

Talk to your bank and local police about how to file an international online fraud complaint from your country. You can also report this to and to Cysec.


The next time a BO salesman (manager) tell you that he will assist you make money, ask him who is gonna be loosing on the other end: the company of course but he will probably feed you lots of BS about liquidity and such.
If these gambling dens helped their players win, they would be out of business already.


I have heard a lot of stories about BDB. There was some guy who said that he can't withdraw his profits because of some gibberish gibberish. Next time, read before you believe marketers.