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I didn't do my homework well and got taken by this company. Caught up in the moment-didn't understand what I was signing and poof, I'm an indentured slave to Banc de Binary. Is there anyplace else I can post my story-seems well documented here. I want to make sure nobody else sends a single cent of their money to these b*stards!! The site is shut-down for new US customers, but I want to target the European customers now. Any ideas??


If you are in the USA, start with

If you deposited by credit card or bank wire, have a chat with the fraud department at your bank. Don't settle for first tier support. Make sure you are talking to the fraud department.

Any number of Binary Options companies claim that they are in the process of getting regulated by CYSEC. Go ahead and file a complaint here:

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

Leave a review here:

B Binary | Banc de Binary | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army


Hi All,

I also got scammed by these guys. I was assured that I could trade through the volume in 3 weeks but then the signals being provided by Jake Klein went below the 57% success rate required to make money and then he stopped providing signals all together.
He also scammed me nicely with trading 60secs.
First session made a serious chunk of money and then 2nd virtually wiped my account.
Total scam
This is what I posted on their facebook page, I encourage everyone to do something similar.

'This company is a totally bogus operation. They will steal your deposit. If you value your hard earned cash then do not open an account with the company, especially if they offer you a bonus! Jake Klein is the worst of the lot but you should avoid all 'Senior Brokers' All this media that they put out to appear like a reputable company is a smokescreen.

I have opened a case with CySec and wait to see what happens. At this stage I just want to see them shut down.

Best regards


With a Visa card. I have opened a case with my bank but they say without a proper contract between me and BdB they cannot ask Visa to reverse the charges.

Are there any other avenues?


Make 100% sure you are talking to someone in the fraud department at your issuing bank. Those people would have much more info on what does and doesn't justify a chargeback that front line support people.

BDB claims a US address. Even if you aren't in the USA, this should make it viable to file a complaint at


Your word is getting out!!!

Hello to all!

Sorry to those who lost money to scrupulous organizations. I have joined the forexpeacearmy just so I could post my comments as I have too been looking to get into options and thus have been recently reviewing various brokers offering this service. I have initiated contact with Banc De Binary and of course one of my first questions in the email was why they didn't offer a demo account for free - waiting for response now. Before any of you think I was another fool, be rest assure I am not – I do my homework when it comes to real money! - I have not opened an account with these guys!!

Even though this is my first post on here I have been trading forex market for years, been around the block several times and then some, and there are more occasions than I can remember when I have been glancing through pages of this forum looking for opinions from people in search for flavor of truth – the real traders! - So thank you all for sharing your experiences bad and good, and especially to those that created this forum and those that keep it going for all. Only few sites exist that are true and fair, ones that we could call “the white nights” in the retail securities industry that strive to educate, connect many, help make it in the trading, expose the frauds and thus protect however possible when possible, the traders.

So thank you all!!!!!! – I just wanted you all to know your warnings are heard and seen - at least by those that are willing to think for a moment, read/listen and then use common sense.

P.S. I may consider getting into binary trading if a reputable broker within forex offered such services and by now we, who have been around for some time, have a list of our trusted brokers. Out of recent interest in options I will continue to look further into brokers that offer options but such as vanillas etc. and those that have been around for years and are reputable.



You have not responded to my email to you and the CEO in over three weeks.

Your cell phone listed is no longer in service.

Please show us the link you mention for DIRECT contact info for your firm.

I request back my investment minus your 30% bonus penalty fee.


Please be aware the BDB is only interested in your money, not you.

They have hijacked the fees they reimbursed to me for putting 15k into my account with a rollover and have refused to release these funds.
I am 3/24 following their "expert' brokers, and am 4/5 on my own as a beginner.

I lost a 5k trade following a "sure thing" from the expert, and never heard from him again despite my emails and skype messages.
Another broker calls and tells me it was a bad trade and against basic investing rules, and says he will credit back the 5k loss when I put in another 5k investment (on top of my 15k). I tell him he has 16k in a real account and 50k in a demo account for him to in his own words "let him prove he can make me money". He tells me unless I make another investment he can not help me.

The current trading skype group I was in (despite telling them I was a long term trader, not day trader) was suddenly stopped when he got a promotion and did not even inform the group.

I am now getting the run around from the customer service trying to get my money back.

This is not a customer service firm. they only care about getting your money in.


Hello Forum Members,

I will reply to the above complaints accordingly.

My name is Jack Caine and I am the VP of Customer Relations at Banc De Binary. You may reach me at any time either by LiveChat, Skype, Email, Phone, ICQ, MSN, or Gchat. All of details can be found on the Banc De Binary - Binary Options | Binary Options Trading contact list. In case of an emergency, my personal mobile number is: +1-646-291-8934. :)

In regards to the above complaints -

Prema: You were provided a demo account. You did deposit any funds at any time into your Banc De Binary account. If at any point you were given or deposited funds into Banc De Binary, please inform me at once so that I may refund your hard earned money.

Regarding the rates: Our rates are not "our rates" nor are they controlled by us in any many. They are streamed 100% by Reuters Eikon. If you feel there is a discretion in the rate of the trade, you may request an official Reuters Chart screen shot. It will be sent right over by email. In your case, you were trading on a demo account. Unfortunately we cannot provide such services for a demo account.

Your chat with customer service seems to be tampered with. I have pulled up your last chat and there seem to be certain parts missing. I would ask that before you post company chats in the future that you post the COMPLETE chat and not the convenient parts for your claim. Please remember that every post on this site can cause tremendous damage to our reputation.

If you have further questions or problems - we are here 24/7. As always. :D

D Hondo: I actually have a lot of questions to help me solve your issues.

1. Were you given a trading bonus without signing the bonus terms and conditions?

2. Who was your personal broker?

3. What flaws did you find in our system?

4. Did anyone at Banc De Binary claim to be licensed by any financial governing body within the US?

5. Our address is 40 Wall Street, NY. 28th Floor. The office is always open, but does not accept walk ins. That is not our only office, as we have 3 more. Turkey, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv. Would YOU (not your friend) like a meeting at the NY office? and if so, for what purpose? Also, may I please request the name of the building manager that called us a "scam"? Funny enough our building does not have a manager that I know of.

6. Were you denied a withdrawal? And if so, do you have paperwork or an email sent by accounting showing the cancellation of your withdrawal? Its a system automatic.

Please answer these questions for me ASAP so I solve all of your problems.

Forum members: Banc De Binary is a respected institution. We do not hide behind behind a website. Everything is 100% transparent and clear. On the website you can find:

1. A full list of BDB managers, brokers, and board of directors.
2. The list includes phone numbers, emails, and more.
3. We are in the office 24/7 to solve every little issue you might have. You can contact in many many different ways. MOST METHODS ARE 100% FREE ON YOUR END.
4. If all else fails and the office burned down (all 3 of them), I got hit by a car, and our brokers took a gathered vacation - HERE IS THE CEO'S (OREN LAURENT) PERSONAL MOBILE NUMBER: +1-212-796-6912.

If there is anything I can provide to show you how transparent we are, please ask. Because if there is anything we are NOT, its a scam!

Thank You In Advance,

Jack Caine
VP of Customer Relations
Banc De Binary


What? BDB's topnotch customer service employees didn't leap into action and resolve the issue? :p


H ello Here is my short story of copperation with BDB .This text is also a part of formal complaint that I have filled on CYSEC page .
I also warned BDB that if they do not resolve the withdrawal issue I will authorize my lawyer to undertake any legal action incliding criminal charges
I placed the withdrawal order on 3/12 /2013 The order is still not processed on 03.01.2014
I have received the bonus for depositing the funds when opening the account.Because I have not reached the turnover required by BDb to withdraw my funds +bonus I agreed to take a penalty fee (30% of deposit) Bdb required the verification .During the course I have provided all necessary documents for verification purposes (also the bank letter confirming that bank card used to deposit the funds was replaced) I was called three times by two representatives to confirm that I am going close my account .Despite my requests to process the withdrawal request in a timely manner BdB delayed any action on purpose.There is no proper client support.The support team is anot allowed by the Bdb to provide clients with the last names in order to avoid identification ( needed for complaints as this ) Also they do not provide any letters in response avoiding issuance of documents that may be used against them .The only replies that I have received are emails stating that the request had been passed to apropriate departament
In my opinion I have undertaken all actions necessary to close the account accordngly to T&C and withdraw the funds
It seems that companys policy is to keep clients funds ,delaying wthdrawals on purpose or my case is the first warning sign that company may go bankrupt
I have already written off the account value(few thousands of EUROS) ,seeing it as lost but my complaint may be helpful for others to avoid loss