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I looked in the internet for a reliable forex firm but unfortunately fell into wrong hands. Some Peter Griffin from Banc de Binary called me and convinced me to invest with them since July 17. After spending nearly 4 months concentrated on growing my account, they repeatedly refused last week to pay me any amount. I found out they are hi profile, extremely sophisticated and dangerous thieves and fraudsters. In their initial agreement I can withdraw funds after 20 trades, but they blatantly forged it showing that I signed to raise the account to 20 TIMES the initial deposit (nearly 1/2 million dollars) before any withdrawal. They also obliged me to provide colored passport copy, ID card, cash card, etc, so they may easily start identity theft based crimes. I will be glad for any assistance/advice to bring them down and compensate me. I am keeping all mails and can forward any further information. Thank you.
Hello Ilakhal,
I grieve for your losses.
Please read, review, and comment on the long history of Banc de Binary here on FPA. There is much useful information contained within.
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Let them know about this thread and invite them to publicly comment on this change of terms.
Thank you for your kind support. I am afraid this site (FPA) could be not useful. First, I tried to access the link about BdB, but could not. I have been looking for (legal) assistance whom to contact to bring them down. Since filing the case in this site, FPA told me I must wait for their answer (I did not give BdB enough time to answer my request positively). More than a week passed already and there is no contact from them and I do not expect any contact from them because they are fraudsters. I have already reported to the IC3 but so far no contact yet. May be the best solution is to contact the FBI at the US Embassy in Tokyo. I am sure these criminals have cheated so many and it is time for the authorities to act on them and freeze their bank account in Cyprus. I should have been more careful, because a forex company which does not have a bank account in the US must be a fake company. Anyway, if there is any advice/assistance you or anyone can provide, please let me know to save more victims.
Slow down ILAKHAL,
You joined FPA on 11/11/2012, and are already claiming FPA is of no use to you?
Who are you to make such a judgement?
You have 2 choices:
1 - Settle down and accept what help we can offer, or
2 - Go your own way; and have a nice day
It sounds like you tried to file an FPA Traders Court case and hit an error. The case submission form is designed to require that you give a company a few days to reply to you. If you had a company, would you want to walk in on a Monday morning and find that 20 people filed scam complaints on Saturday and Sunday because they emailed you at 9 pm on Friday and you didn't answer them yet?

The FPA is always willing to help victims of scam, but companies must be given a chance to resolve issues.

Have you contacted Banc de Binary and given them a link to this thread yet?
Hello Dear. Thank you for the mail. I have written to them 2 days ago, and told them to just transfer my initial deposit (Euro10,020, or US$13,309). There is no answer yet, and I don't believe they would do, because a hidden thief who collects money from many people and continues to do so without any fear from anybody, would never care in answering mails. There are many similar cases and they cheated many people and none of them reported a solution was reached. Unless the FBI or the SEC intervenes, there is no hope because they are protected by their state (Israel), and they know what they are doing. I believe it is very necessary to act asap, because there are surely new innocent victims every hour. We must also think about the possibility of bankruptcy, because several trades could not be performed on Nov. 7 due to liquidity issues. They may easily move funds and run away from Cyprus to Israel then simply declare they went bankrupt. I believe an action must be taken now, and nobody shall give them any breath or chance. It is a cancer that has to be cut without delay. So please help with whatever idea or action asap. Thank you.
If it helps.

Oren Laurent is the owner of the company. They are based in Israel. I'm not sure if the address they advertise (Wall street, US) is indeed true. Anyways, that guy has a website as well. Google for Oren Laurent. (He also has a wikipedia page about himself :confused:) and there are some phone numbers. Try calling up if it helps to move the issue closer to resolution.

Good luck
Oren Laurent

Yes I know this guy, and had sent him all mails. There are many names and every time I sent a mail, a new guy from a new department answers just to disturb my focus and to mislead and fail to understand who is in charge for the transfer. But I managed to include all main persons and departments: accounting, compliance, customer service, peter john griffin (the person who initially called me in mid-July, but disappeared completely from Skype), matthew (manager), and few others. None of them answered my last mail (Nov. 14) asking them to just transfer back my initial deposit (10,020 euros). I don't think they are interested in reaching a solution because they feel they are above the law and nobody can touch them. It is necessary that the FBI and SEC put an end to their illegal activity and freeze their bank accounts (in Cyprus) etc, because they are thieves who are hurting many innocents in the US itself. It is hi time to act on them and shut down their website.