Banc de Binary don't accept the decision of the Financial Ombudsman (and blackmails client)


dear admin you can see what bdb told me for forex peace army, dont expect to be here,they told me you are an illegal website, i wish we must force the authorities to put an end to all these scammers ,i wonder what more they want to suspend the licenses of scam brokers like bdb and a lot more

Being sued by many companies for false defamation? I do know companies threaten to sue. When they do, AsstModerator puts warnings on their review pages (like the one on BDB's page). When he has time, he writes threads in the Scoundrel's folder to give further embarrassment to people who want to use blackmail to control what can be said.

If anyone really did bring a lawsuit, the news would spread like wildfire. So far, there's not even a hint of smoke.

Remind whoever made this bogus claim that BDB has a representative who has been active inside the FPA's forums. You can see us profile here:

If the FPA is such a bad site, why did this scam broker representative last post here on December 15th?


Nobody seriously claims FPA is a fake site. That would be absurd.

I am glad to inform that 2 newspapers are interested in my case. This has a lot of potential because

-The amount stolen by EU-licensed broker is exceptionally high
-Total ignoring of the Financial Ombudsman
-Arrogant and fraudulent behaviour of the "managers"


no doubt from my side what offers fpa to traders,for scam brokers of course fpa is a fake site of blackmailers


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Pertti, with a few hundred bugs and a low cost Airliner you could be heading Cyprus, jump into
the BdB office or eventually the state Prosecutor office, do what need’s to be done !

Don’t know who this Mr. OMER HEN is, maybe he is the HOUSE MASTER !

Banc De Binary

Banc de Binary Representative
I got the decision of the Financial Ombudsman in August. They said I must be reimbursed 170k. After talking a couple of times with Bruce (if real name) | thought we will find solution but I was wrong.

So this whole long and nerves taking process with Ombudsman is worthless because anyway they will not accept the decision if it is in clients favour. They hope clients give up and don't start a stressful trial.

To BdB. I am still willing to close this case by terms discussed with Bruce but not for long. Your violations are clear no matter what I have signed.

I would like to personally bring your issue to the attention of our customer service team. For this, I kindly ask you to message me with your account number and the email you used to sign up for the account. I apologize if you have experienced any inconveniences with our services and I assure you that we are working hard to resolve your issue.


Read the decision of the Financial Ombudsman and follow it. You can see my name on it.


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