Banc de Binary don't accept the decision of the Financial Ombudsman (and blackmails client)


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NO WAY Pertti is to be victim again of some BLACKMAIL WAIVER DEAL

He could very well elect domicile within an Israeli LAWFIRM, which will file immediately a CRIMINAL POLICE COMPLAINT, and on we go !

Wake up guys and stop kneeling down in front of those dirt bags!


My case with Banc de Binary is resolved. I don't want to talk about it anymore but I can give you all some information.

If you are cheated by your broker there are 3 ways to get your money back.

1. Chargeback. The easiest way.

2. Decision of the Financial Ombudsman in your favour. You may still have to wait and negotiate.

3. Long and expensive trial.

That's it. There are no more options.

To people in EU. If you get a positive decision of the Financial Ombudsman but your broker is not willing to pay try to get an official request from your local Ombudsman to ISA. Even threatening by this could help.

One very important thing when dealing with brokers licenced by Cysec is to realize they are NOT licensed in EU. So if your broker is licenced by Cysec it does NOT mean they are regulated in your country. They are only registered there and there is a big difference . However this means they must at least follow MIFID.

A true hero here is Simona Weinglass from Times of Israel. If you have problems with Israel based Cypriot brokers contact Simona and she will make it very public. I can't thank Simona enough. She is a goddess.

I wish everyone good luck and this is by far the best information you can get at the moment.


Somehow, I'm not surprised to hear of Banc de Binary trying to cheat a client out of all or part of a regulatory ruling and also trying to hide the fact that there ever was a problem.

Even as this company dies, it can't seem to stop its scamming ways.

When binaries are finally outlawed in most countries, scamming companies like Banc de Binary will be the reason.


Hello all.

I am back after taking a victory against the probably most gigantic scammer ever. I needed to take a breath and I have been in contact with the authorities of Finland which is totally different compared with Cyprus. Anyway thanks to Cyprus who are now tightening their regulation.

My strong advice to everybody is this. Join Giambrone in their class action against Banc de Binary. You can do it without any upfront fees. The more testimonies the better chances to bring not only executives but also salespeople to face criminal charges. Remember despite their disgusting behaviour they have all the time time been under EU-regulation. I feel very sorry for people outside EU.

All the best,



I don't know when my case will be resolved. Feeling depressed day by day after loosing the money. I regret for putting my earnings in this Scam without checking. Please do your best to recover my money.
Thanks & Regards


Lots of binary option scammers abusing the ease of having cyprus' regulation to pretend they're actually there to help you gain profit.

The odds that this guy's name is "Bruce" are the odds that a guy named John Smith from the UK is going to "help you make money" on the internet.

Shame. I hope they get punished! Good Luck!


I really heard only the bad things about this forex broker lately but it seems they really gone very far in that cases like thinking they are above the law, hopefully topic starter you will really get your money back in the best possible and timely manner.


That's what many firms are practicing, they simply ignoring other side and recommendations of some order in law power and assuming you will not follow along anyway no matter what. So I do hope it will work out later with them anyway.