Banc de Binary - failure to fulfill an agreemeny


I was going to write an in-depth explanation of my case but i just want to get it out there so i can get some help and advice. So basically:

Over a period of time i deposited a large amount of funds and received bonuses and had to turnover a very large amount of trading funds before i could withdraw.
As a lot of you may imagine the account managers i had were very very pushy - it was pathetic. As i lost a lot of money they lured me into depositing more as they were "going to help me to recover my money and needed the trading volume."

Please let me add i do not deny how ignorant i was - it is embarassing.

Now if you knew the amount of bonuses i received you would've told me i was ridiculous as it would be a looooong time before i could realise a withdrawal. However, i have Skype chat records of the negotiations over turnover requirements and how i made things clear as to what was being agreed upon.
Then my account manager apparently left and things changed and the agreement was not fully accepted.

So what i want to know is how far do you go fighting for your money with these type of companies????

What i also need to explain is that i did keep trading over time to increase my turnover but lost a lot so my account is now small.

So you will probably ask: why are you wanting money back that you have lost from your own trading decisions? This is the difficulty of my case. I am aware of this but one of my arguments is the ethical issues experienced. You are probably thinking - tough luck - this is your fault. But....if i didnt believe i had at least some kind of case i wouldnt be bothering with this company. Im just not spending the time giving a full detailed explanation on this post - as i just first want "some" kind of advice from others and others opinions to help get me some perspective on my matters.

I know there is not enough information for someone here to fully advise me as to how far i should go with my disputes and how solid of a case i have.

But to conclude i just want to know:
- Are there actual lawyers out there that can give you specialised, custom, legal advice about disputes with "Binary options companies" specifically????
- Or who should i consult so i can get closure with my matters with Banc de Binary?

I appreciate any help. Many thanks.