Banc de Binary False information and lies


Hi there I feel have been tricked by Banc De Binary, I have been given false information and trades and according to reviews online I am not the first to experience problems with them. As far as I know I dont know of anyone even getting paid by Banc de Binary. All I read is negative reviews...Lots of similar stories. I just want to know what can be done in my situation and is there any way I can get my money back?

On 21/10/2014 I made huge deposits to them. I have made contact with them many months before to ask about the company. I spoke to a lady named Victoria and I couldnt make a desposit at that time. When I was ready I made contact with her saying I am gpoing to make a deposit. I started of with a few deposits of $250, that I deposited on my own. I received a welcome email, and then I got a call from a guy named Steve Glass, a V.I.P advisor... After lots of convincing he got me to make huge deposits. They them self put the orders through but after I was advised I should contact my bank and ask to remove the block from my account so they can withdraw more money. The amounts were 3000usd, 2000USD, 1000USD and again 1000usd. Prior to that I made a few deposits of 250usd. Those I did myself. But Steve Glass phoned me and said I will give you secret trades that are guaranteed. YAHOO and Alibaba.

I was hesitant but he assured me over and over again it’s guaranteed. (This is the first false information and a lie)He told me that Banc de Binary backs my money so if I lose my money (worst case scenario) they will give back my money. The trades were made and were set to expire 31/10/2014. So at the end of the month 31/10/2014 those trades expired and I made huge profits on trades given by VIP adviser(Steve Glass) and I was really happy about it because I was looking at $12 000. I made $5000 profit, so I went and put in a request to withdraw my money soon after those trades expired. He phoned me on 03/11/2014 and said "So this is how you repay me. I make you a lot of money and now you want to close your account".

I then found out withdrawing all my money means closing the account. (If this is really true I don’t know, it does not make sense but that is what he told me.) And he really was not happy about it. His tone of voice cleary made that clear. I was not aware of that if you withdraw everything you are closing the account. But why would a company who has rewards for excellent customer service say this to an investor. And be so rude and aggressive?? Is that how I repay him? So right there and what I am about to say seems like a personal vendetta against me to somehow get me back for wanting to withdraw all the money in my account..

He asked me to go on the computer he will assist me with withdrawing the money... I told him was not close to a computer right now and he's response was "Ok..mmm interesting... Ok".

So what does that mean? Like he doesn't believe what I am saying.. But So we arranged that he phones me again the 04/11/2014 9 AM South African time. It’s the next day... He phoned me like he said. He then said I can make a quick trade so I can make few more profits so I can have funds in my account so it does not get closed... I hesitated for long and said I don’t want to and again he started with the guaranteed story and I said no over and over and he went on. He told me these trades are guaranteed so it’s just to make profits. (Again that was a lie.)

Once I do this I can then continue to withdraw my money he will assist me in the process and then I can withdraw everything. I did not want to but he assured me with everything and absolute certainty what he is giving me "right now" is "VIP trades" and it is at 97% guaranteed. (That is a lie again)

He then said something else right after that, and I really can’t remember as he was talking so fast, I only heard the last part which was "so that makes it really 98% success rate here." (That was also a lie)

So hearing 98% and knowing these are V.I.P trades I listened to him and he told me to go to one of the currencies... It was GBP/USD... So I made a trade of $4000 that he said and he said I should double it. Once I doubled it he said to double it again... That is the full $12 000...

He said that we should wait for it to expire and he will call me back. I watched it expired and I lost it all. He then phoned me back and said "did you see what just happened" and he said it in a tone like he was mocking me. I was so livid of course. He then said they are going to do a recovery trade and they need another $6000 to do that. Money that I don’t have because I invested all my money in Banc de Binary because of this guy. (Why do I need to invest another $6000 to do a recovery trade...? He said it was guaranteed by the company. Now I need to invest more money to get my money back??)- So he lied again? And I really lost all my money...

The first two trades given to me by him did well, but before I agreed to those trades (yahoo and alibaba) he said to me that trades that are guaranteed are backed by the company. They give you your money back. So worst case scenario is you get your initial investment back. That was his words. (He lied to me to trick me- and at the end he gave me false trades so I can lose my money... Why I do not know, but those words, in the way he said it- “So this is how you repay me Ruben. I make you a lot of money, and then you want to close your account...) that looks a lot like its personal to me...

I lost these last trades that were guaranteed. 98% guaranteed... Those were VIP trades? Guaranteed trades… So they are supposed to give my money back. Those were his words. But after those trades they wanted to do a recovery trade and wanted $6000 to do it. So why do I now need to pay $6000 to do that...? I lost all my money because of his guy. This is unacceptable.

I told Steve that I needed the money because I have something to do, and that is why I am withdrawing my money. Why could he not just have said Ok, why not just change your withdrawal to something like $10 000 or $11 000.

On the 9/11/2014 I missed a call from “Jack Stanson." I think this is the name of the guy.. But his name is def Jack. Some kind of manager because he wanted to know why I don’t want to talk to Steve... I told him the story and he said no that is not correct; VIP trades are 96%... So again that proves it was a lie... That is confirmation..

He then said Steve Glass will get a hearing about this because that is not correct... But I made those trades because of what Steve told me... I would not have made those trades if I knew they don’t back your money, you will have to invest more money to do recovery trades, and second those trades were not guaranteed. Jack told me that is incorrect as well. So he said Steve will get a hearing about this... So Steve glass walks away getting only a hearing and I lost all my money because of what he told me. False information...

After those trades, Steve stopped contacting me, and also lied about a bonus. I eventually agreed to the bonus, and details of this are vague, but he said ok they will go ahead and give me a bonus... I signed the papers they sent me and he said I will load the bonus money now... I’m still waiting for that... It’s the 1/9/2015 today as I am writing this. But I don’t want the bonus money; I want my money back because he gave me false trades... False information... And that is illegal. But my point is, I signed a document. They didn’t uphold their end. It’s a contract right? So that also is illegal to break contract.
All I am interested in is getting my money back.

To go back to the bonus money, one of the other people working there, accounting department I think, said that they tried to deduct money from my account and I was so furious because who gave them permission.. I didn’t have a cent anyway because of Steve Glass so it didn’t go through. Steve phoned me before that call from accounting, and once after that call from accounting. That was the last call I received from him. We spoke over Skype via IM after that, just a little, and then I went off on Steve over Skype IM and deleted him from my Skype, but At that point when Steve Glass phoned me after the guy from accounting called me he said, I told you more than once they are going to try to put the order through, just as an attempt so there is a record of this... Then we can load the bonus. The previous phone call he didn’t say that at all. Maybe he did and I didn’t hear it because I was so angry, but from what I remember I didn’t hear that part at all, and he has a tendency to talk really fast... But point is, he lied to me again...

So this is proof that from the start everything was a lie, and I made trades with this guy with my money all based on false and inaccurate information... Its luck that those two trades from Yahoo and Alibaba turned out good.

But all this I told Jack Stanson on the 09/11/2014 and I asked him so are you going to give me my money back because everything was based on false information... And he said no. But Steve will get a hearing about this... How is that fair? How is that justice? It is Illegal, because of the false information given to me... We ended up fighting and the call ended...

If I made this exact same trades and the correct information was given to me from the start and I lost it then it would have been fine and I would just have to deal with it. But I was lied to over and over again and given false and inaccurate information and based on the false and inaccurate information given to me I made my trades.. Given to me from a V.I.P advisor..

Does anyone else understand why I am so furious.

The final thing is that some of the rates did not match the current rates. Meaning the current rate listed on the graph next to the call or put option, where it is shown in big numbers what the current rate is, that rate and the trade I made next to position ID that current trade there stayed the same and matched the whole time up until the end and then changed.
I used my last $250USD after all this happened and made a trade. That is when I noticed this.
The current rate next to the call or put option suddenly stood still and didn’t move, nor that graph next to it... Like it froze or something
But in my position ID, that current rate over there moved still. While my position ID turned red.

The position that the rate stood still on the graph was in my favor. I choose the "PUT" option... And the rate I striked that on was 1.25567. But it expired on 1.25572. and it was in currencies - EUR/USD . I wrote it all down. But on the graph between the two options to call or put, the strike rate there was below 1.25567... I can’t remember where it was exactly because I tried taking a screen shot and pressed the "print screen" button so many times when I noticed this that I stopped pressing it after the trade expired. This means I copied over the screen shot and eventually ended up with a screen shot of the trade already expired.

So that in my eyes is illegal as well. And the only excuse that remains the same that they all give me when I speak to the so called wonderful customer care, they all give the same excuses of it is the liquidity providers or something like that. All the proof is in the conversations we had on live chat and the phone calls between me and Banc de Binary.

Is there any way I can get my money back. I am left with nothing. I feel this guy gave me those trades to lose everything on purpose.?
But even if that is not the case, the point is, he is a V.I.P advisor, he lied to me, and gave me false information and because of that I lost all of my money. Please I am desperate... That money is a lot of money in South Africa. I can’t lose it.
I dont know what to do or where to start.
I read reviews that many people never get their money even if they choose to withdraw it. How true this is I don’t know, I can’t speak for others. But I really cant lose that money.
Please is there anything I can do. They even requested my wire details at one point before Steve called me to give me those 3 trades of $4000 each and asked for stuff like the swift code and so on and I provided them the info, but I have gone and asked for a new card at my bank because even my Fraud department of my bank is looking into this.

I have also made a complaint with the CYSEC and FBI ONLINE FRAUD.

So I really dont know what else to do. Perhaps someone out there can help.


So sorry to hear this, all brokers are like this. I don't understand how they are even legal anywhere, they full well know 99% of their clients are going to lose there investment yet they deceive you. These stupid brokers can get cancer for all i care, ruining peoples lives on a daily basis probably earning just over minimum wage. Pathetic.


Lt. Colonel
Two steps that you must follow.

1st - Invite them via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to there website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

Best Of Luck


Also is there any other way I can request copies of our conversations? Surely they do record it and keep it on file?


Hi guys, so sorry for replying now, I just saw that it has been posted..

I live in South Africa. And the first deposits I made was online when you fund the account. But those big amounts was when they were talking to me, basically Steve Glass as he was talking to me he said accounting will put the order through now. So those I didn't physically click a button to say yes do it, I only verbally said yes, and they put it through.

I would also love to invite them to a chat here to see what they have to say about this.

Another thing that I found was in one of my Skype conversations with Steve Glass, was when he tried to rub the bonus off on me and I said no because of all the reviews and stories about that, the withdrawl problems. And he said in so many words you can withdraw your own money just not the bonus money, but almost all the reviews I find is people who can't withdraw their money and even some people who has to pay in order to withdraw their money, while they say on their site, you are not charged any fees to withdraw money...

But I would love to invite them here, specially Steve Glass and everyone I dealt with in that company..

I just have difficulties doing it all by phone since I can't connect to the internet on my laptop.

But surely something must be done by someone. They way Banc de Binary operates... I can't find the words... How can a company keep doing this each day to thousands of people and still keep their doors open...


By "How did you deposit?", I meant was it by credit card, bank wire, or something else?

Contact your bank and local police. Ask them if South Africa has a central place for filing online financial fraud complaints.

When you have a chance, file a complaint with Cysec. Also, you can file with - Your site for cross-border complaints.

Filing an FPA Traders Court case is also an option.


It's the same thing happen to me. I live in Dubai, lure you to deposit, get the details of your credit card and lost 17,250 USD. False promises, I documented everything they do to me. I reported them to the police, IC3, Cysec. I ask my bank for credit card dispute. We hope we can find justice here.