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Problem Banc de Binary Mega Scam - Details of where to Complain to

I am having an issue with a company
Please also see oscarra's original post at post #371 at the thread https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/banc-de-binary-mega-scam.43677/page-38, which contains the following information:


CySEC has undergone significant change and growth since Kalogerou took the helm at the Cypriot financial regulator five years ago. :D


Just five years ago, the retail binary options business was a fledgling industry, however it has become a vast and international enterprise, with just shy of 300 currently active white label brands which are spread across 6 platforms which are specially designed for white label partners to quickly establish their business and begin to onboard retail customers.


#371 oscarra, Today at 10:07 PM
Hello all, I have it on good authority that there is one more avenue (data protection) for us to attempt to recover our funds for those of us who have requested for a copy of our "recorded" telephone conversations with the Banc de Binary reps who spoke with us. My request was rejected by Banc de Binary despite the fact that the recorded calls would supposedly prove to me that Banc de Binary did not pressure and scam me and make all sorts of promises of teaching to trade and teaching me to invest as inducement to "invest" with them and that they would start me trading "slowly" and the funds were "100% guaranteed protected trades" etc etc etc. All the Banc de Binary reps informed me that the recorded conversations belonged to Banc de Binary's legal department and would not be released to me. This is completely in breach of the Data Protection legislation which most countries have. So please write in to the respective data protection commissioners and ask them if Banc de Binary (or whichever scam binary company is involved) is entitled to deny their victims access to the recorded telephone conversations - which were recorded without us being notified of that the calls were being recorded and which were done without seeking our consent to record the conversations in the first place!

For Banc de Binary victims, Banc de Binary had "moved" their virtual address to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines sometime around June. I was also informed that there is an address for Banc de Binary in Bulgaria, so please do your research and look into the jurisdiction / country from which the scammer operated when you were scammed by them. One of the Banc de Binary victims had written to the Cyprus data protection commissioner and asked whether Banc de Binary was entitled to deny him access to the supposed telephone recordings of their conversations, and while he was still trying to recover his money by other means, Banc de Binary contacted him after 3 months of his writing to the data protection commissioner and offered to pay him back every cent stolen from him provided that he withdrew his complaint to the data protection commissioner and signed a waiver as well. So this is very much something that all the victims should attempt to do as well.

For those of us who were scammed from Cyprus, see - http://www.dataprotection.gov.cy/dataprotection/dataprotection.nsf/links_en/links_en?OpenDocument

The commissioner's email address is: commissioner@dataprotection.gov.cy

As for those of us whom Banc de Binary tried to flick off to the IFSC Belize, Belize has its data privacy and protection included in their constitution! Need to look for the email address of the data protection commissioner or equivalent to email ...

However if you were scammed after Banc de Binary "moved" their address (virtual) to Bulgaria and / or St Vincent and the Grenadines, then you will also need to look for a data protection commissioner in Bulgaria and St Vincent and the Grenadines, just in case Cyprus is not interested in doing anything for you.

So for all victims of various scammers, you may want to look at where the scammers who scammed you are registered and / or operating from and write to the respective data protection commissioner in that country. Most countries in Europe have a data protection act where all information that the victims request for including phone recordings such as Banc de Binary has withheld from us is against the law ...

Please also post any further details you uncover onto the Forum.
Hello all

This is an automatic reply from BDB:

Dear Client,

Please be informed that your email has been received.

We will aim to address your raised concern within 5 business days, however if your complaint requires careful review, investigation of the circumstances surrounding it, it might take up to two (2) months from the date of submission of the complaint (please note that most of the times it won’t take that long).

One of our representatives may contact you directly in order to obtain, if needed, further clarifications, information and/or evidence relating to the complaint. For the efficient handling of this claim, we require your full cooperation and attention in order to achieve a possible resolution in the shortest time possible.

If you feel that your raised matter could be resolved by Customer Support department, please kindly contact them via Live Chat or at cs@bbinary.com

We appreciate your patience,

Best Regards,

Complaints Department "

Its amazing that it takes up to 2 months to investigate their scamming procedures. If you have lost money through a stupid moron who calls himself a broker, please proceed immediately with chargeback!

Buying time for themselves so that the victims are out of time to institute a chargeback which is the best way to recover their funds ...

Taking 2 months because they have too many victims to deal with!
Typical delay. They hope you'll get frustrated and give up. They also know every day the can delay you gets the deposits 1 day closer to not being recoverable via chargeback.
As for BDB being licensed in Belize, I just saw the AsstModerator's post at https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/commu...ssion-banc-de-binary.45227/page-9#post-260729 at post #89 stating that Belize no longer licenses BDB there. See the official announcement on the Belize website at http://www.ifsc.gov.bz/bdb-services-belize-limited/

Guess that all the complaints to the Director General at IFSC Belize was too much heat for them to continue licensing BDB.

The crooks have in any event, found a new haven with a virtual address now at St Vincent and the Grenadines ...
See also how some victims have found out that Option Tap and OptionFM is 100% part of Banc de Binary at post #10 at https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/option-fm-banc-de-binary.46356/
I have had a series of calls from OptionFM a couple of weeks ago "offering" me a "second stream of income" and asking me to give them a chance to speak. Despite saying no and putting down the phone and barring their numbers they kept calling and calling and calling over a period of 3 days until they FINALLY got the message that I was NOT going to be scammed again. These scammers are worse than the ebola virus!
Interesting read for all of us ... http://www.timesofisrael.com/follow...ed-binary-options-investor-got-his-cash-back/

See also the other articles in the Times of Israel written by Simona Weinglass at http://www.timesofisrael.com/writers/simona-weinglass/

Let's hope that the Israeli govt finally get their act together without much further delay (http://www.timesofisrael.com/israel...to-close-down-entire-binary-options-industry/) and on top of banning binary options, they also introduce legislation to force these scammers to pay back all of their victims ...
It's usually best to post all the advice. Then everyone can benefit.

Trying to get secret advice via email can lead to 2 problems. 1. Broker moles will notice if someone's offering secret advice and will pose as victims. 2. Recovery room scammers will take advantage of email addresses and other private forms of communications. They they'll offer to fix the problem, but really just want to scam you again.