Banc de Binary Problems with money withdrawal


ello Here is my short story of copperation with BDB .This text is also a part of formal complaint that I have filled on CYSEC page .
I also warned BDB that if they do not resolve the withdrawal issue I will authorize my lawyer to undertake any legal action incliding criminal charges
I placed the withdrawal order on 3/12 /2013 The order is still not processed on 03.01.2014
I have received the bonus for depositing the funds when opening the account.Because I have not reached the turnover required by BDb to withdraw my funds +bonus I agreed to take a penalty fee (30% of deposit) Bdb required the verification .During the course I have provided all necessary documents for verification purposes (also the bank letter confirming that bank card used to deposit the funds was replaced) I was called three times by two representatives to confirm that I am going close my account .Despite my requests to process the withdrawal request in a timely manner BdB delayed any action on purpose.There is no proper client support.The support team is anot allowed by the Bdb to provide clients with the last names in order to avoid identification ( needed for complaints as this ) Also they do not provide any letters in response avoiding issuance of documents that may be used against them .The only replies that I have received are emails stating that the request had been passed to apropriate departament
In my opinion I have undertaken all actions necessary to close the account accordngly to T&C and withdraw the funds
It seems that companys policy is to keep clients funds ,delaying wthdrawals on purpose or my case is the first warning sign that company may go bankrupt
I have already written off the account value(few thousands of EUROS) ,seeing it as lost but my complaint may be helpful for others to avoid loss