Banc De Binary scam



I hope you can help us with this issue

I am dealing with David Myers and Thomas Villa at Banc De Binary but with no success.

We are trying to get back our hard earned savings. We are both retired and invested our lifetime savings in our ignorance.

We were just responding to an invite in our email inbox to invest a $1000 in 'THE BIG CASH GIVEAWAY' and they will double the amount by another $1000 and then we will get software that will automatically pay out good funds regularly. We followed the steps till we made contact with Dave Myers, a broker from Banc De Binary in Cyprus.....

At the end of the night, through our stupidity and vulnerability Dave got $25500 out of us with big promises that he can put a further 150% bonus on top of that and he will make us VIP members with big returns....

The next day Dave wanted more funds and after telling him we have exhausted both our master-card and Visa debit card he insisted and we then stupidly gave in because we trusted the guy…. and gave him our personal savings debit master-card…... By now we have paid $32000 into Banc De Binary...$30000 in the 'Lions VIP Club' and $2000 in the Banc De Debinary account…- Dave then coached me to start trading the 60 second trades at $3000 per trade, 3 trades every 30 seconds == $9000 every 90 seconds….I started the account at $65000 which included my $30000 and their bonus they added,,,, As the account was dropping so quick I alerted Dave and he insisted that I keep on trading the 60 seconds at $2000 then $2500, then $2000….I stopped for a minute or two and he would insist that I keep on trading…I stopped and said to him this is not working and he insisted it will come good.. when it reached a balance of $10000 I stopped, Dave didn’t sound to happy, I could detect that in his voice…

I got so frustrated and said to Dave I want to get out of there as I could see his motives then…..I decided to demand our monies back but to no avail

I,m very desperate because I now owe the banks all that money and our personal savings are also now gone…

I spoke to Thomas Villa, he is in the accounts department and also spoke to Dave Myers the broker... The account is now in credit of $9500.. Thomas said that they will try to trade and get my total up again and I have to trade up to 1.4million dollars till I can get a withdrawel....please help....

Cheers ...Leonard


First and foremost, place no new trades and tell those "helpful" employees to not trade on your behalf.

Second, get screenshots of everything. Keep ALL future communications with BDB by email, never on the phone.

Third, contact the fraud department at the issuing banks of all the credit and debit cards. Explain exactly what happened and ask if a chargeback is an option.

Did you deposit by any method other than card?

Considering the amount of money, contact your local police and ask if there's a central place for reporting online financial fraud against citizens of Australia. Please report the answer here.

File a report with as well as with Cysec.