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Problem Banc de Binary scammed me out of my life savings

I am having an issue with a company


Early on Monday morning, January 6/14, the phone rang. It was a woman who identified herself as Sharon Bloom. Sharon said “I understand you may be looking for a business opportunity”. “I said, no, I was not looking for any opportunity but someone did called me last Friday. I asked Sharon what I would have to do for this business. She said with our clients we take them by the hand and work closely with them to achieve good results. I asked Sharon how much it would cost me to get involved. Sharon’s answer was $250 to $500. I think I said that’s not too bad. Sharon then asked if she could help me fill out a registration form. I said yes, that would be helpful. And we proceeded to fill out the form, with Sharon’s help. The call came to an end shortly thereafter.

Later on the same day, I received a welcome e-mail from Jack Stefan. He was assigned to me as my agent with BANC DE BINARY.
The following is the Welcome E-mail I received from Jack Stefan:
"Welcome to Banc De Binary investment bank- The biggest the only regulated investment bank in the world for trading binary options
My name is jack stefan and I'm a Senior Broker here.
I am happy to let you know that here at Banc De Binary you do not have to trade alone. You can trade with me and make a lot of money.
my skype name is : bdb.jacks

I'd like for you to take a look at some of my latest trading results.
The trade signals I offer every day, by Skype and by email, are used by my Personal and VIP clients.

Here's how:
Trade signals are my recommendations for the trades you should be taking.
Every day there are over 25 opportunities to make money with trading binary options, and I'm giving the best ones to my clients.

That is how my clients make money - by following my trade signals. Take a look at the screenshot taken from my client's trading account: The screenshot would not show up.
When I give my trading signals on Skype, it looks like this:
(Asset - Strike Rate - Future Direction - Expiry Time)
This is from my client account that wanted to try my way of trading:
Think you're ready and want in?
Leave the rest to me!
Feel free to contact me by phone, email or Skype.
jack stefan - Senior Broker
Banc De Binary
1-212-710-5905 EXT 12091
1-800-656-6163 EXT 12091
Skype: bdb.jacks

Then Jack said:
“thank your lucky stars because Banc de Binary is by far the best company to be a member of and he would help me make a lot of money”. He told me “he was the top agent with Banc De Binary and his success rate is winning 75% of his investments”.

After being registered on the Beginner’s Banc de Binary website platform, Jack Stefan explained that “if I was serious about making money I needed to upgrade to the Laurent Group status”. I asked him how do I upgrade to the Laurent Group. He said the Laurent Group is usually restricted to those clients with one million dollars, or more, to invest. However, he said Banc de Binary would make an exception for me if I made a total deposit of $100,000. I asked Jack what the benefits of becoming a Laurent Group Member would be. Jack said the benefits were: “higher commissions (profits) paid out, and a $30,000 return every 3 months.”

Given that Jack said my deposit amount had to be increased to $100,000, I made additional deposits via my credit cards (which I maxed out). I even borrowed money on my condo equity.
At one point, I had asked Jack Stefan how he makes his money. He told me he only makes money if he directs me to winning trades. He can only make money on his client’s winning trades. He makes no money on losing trades. In retrospect I learned this was a blatant lie.

Then I was told that we were lucky because we had first chance of participating with the market maker to place bids for Facebook before the rest of the public. Jack told me the one restriction for me was that I would have to make another large deposit to Banc de Binary to be able to participate in this very special opportunity and this had to be done urgently in the next few days. Believing Jack I made another large deposit to Banc de Binary.

Then Jack directed me to take 3 different bids on Facebook in the amounts of: $10,000.00, $10,000.00, and 11,000.00. We lost them all. Then I asked Jack what that was all about. Jack’s answer to me was we all lost; we just had a bad month; lets put it behind us and have a better month in April. NOW I SAW WHAT THEY WERE DOING; I believe they were manipulating the value of stocks in house. For example I thought I was winning Facebook all along and then at the 11th hour the stock went to 0. THEREFORE MY LOSS OF $31,000.00 WENT AS PROFIT TO BANC DE BINARY. In retrospect, I believe they were crooks just stealing my money.

Now I knew something sinister was going on. Jack would give me the odd winning trade; but many, many losing trades. I had deposited approx. $120,000.00 USD into my account with Banc De Binary but my total account balance was depleting very fast.

The puzzle was coming together for me. I believe, from my experience with Banc De Binary, the company displays two sites for deception purposes.

I believe the sole purpose of the First Site is to befriend a new client. To gain a new client’s trust. Also, they want to show their “apparent” compliance with regulatory agencies, etc.

I believe the purpose of the Second Site, where they ultimately set up a client’s primary account, is where they steal the client’s money. They never allow for a refund, or for a withdrawal of one’s own money.

I believe Banc de Binary’s scheme is a well orchestrated fraud scheme. It is set up to deceive innocent, naive, and trusting people. I believe Banc de Binary and their agents are absolute criminals.

When I learned this I stopped executing any trades that my agent, Jack Stefan was giving me. I decided that at least I still have the $75,000.00 USD in my account that I will withdraw. I placed a withdrawal to retrieve my money from my account in the amount of $75,000.00 USD. Banc de Binary crooks would not allow me to withdraw my own money.

Then the threatening phone calls started:

My experience with Banc de Binary and Jack Stefan is nothing less than trickery, lies, deceit, and coerceing tactics this professional criminal firm and its agents used to get me to submit $120,000.00 USD to them. I had no recourse but to place a chargeback on them.

When I placed the chargeback I received a threatening phone call from Daniel of Banc de Binary on May 28, 2014, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Vancouver time.
Daniel of Banc de Binary threatened me that he will press charges against me unless I drop the dispute case against Banc de Binary within 12 hours.
He indicated the consequences of the charges he would press are:

(1) He will make sure that I get a 5-year jail sentence,
(2) He will make sure that I will be blacklisted forever from receiving a credit card again
(3) As I was still trying to withdraw my funds from my account in the amount of $75,000.00 USD I received the following phone call from Jack Stefan: Unless you submit many more large deposits to your account you are not allowed to withdraw your funds. If you do not comply you will be fined $300,000.00 USD and, therefore, you will not only lose your $75,000.00 USD in your account, but you will have a total loss of $375,000.00.

Finally Banc de Binary and Jack Stefan locked me out from my account and I have never been able to access it again. Banc de Binary and their agents stole my $75,000.00 USD from my account.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commissions’ Circular No. C1144-2014-02, specifically points #1 and #2 clearly states that Banc de Binary has violated laws and regulation which govern my account and funds held with them. Unfortunately CySEC will not enforce them to return me my money that they stole from my account.

Worst trick of all is that Banc de Binary sent me the following email: They said that their
accounting Department has cut me a check for $30,000.00 but cannot release it until I send them all my submissions of my signatures of my deposits. (I had no idea my signatures would get them off the hook regarding the charge back.) Banc de Binary criminals knew exactly what to do to get off the hook. They were very clever in how to steal ones' money. After I looked all my submissions and my signatures of my deposits and put it all in order and sent it to them they did not send me the $30,000.00; it was a trick to use that information in a self-serving tactic against me regarding the chargeback. So very unfortunately for me, my bank let them off the hook for the chargeback because they presented all my submissions with my signatures of my deposits to VISA. I was too naive and trusting and the Banc Binary Crooks were much too clever for me.

I am appalled that my bank did not consider all the other criminal things that Banc de Binary did to me, such as; steal all my money from my account, threaten me to send me to jail for 5 years, blacklist me for never being able to get a credit card again in my life; and fine me $300,000.00 USD because I was trying to withdraw my funds from my account.

CySEC has all my information right from the beginning of this heist of all my life's savings by Banc de Binary. I thought CySEC would help me get my $75,000.00 USD back from my account but CySEC just let Banc de Binary steal it from me. They did not help me at all.

I sent an email to the Cyprus Police for help.
The following is their reply to me:
On Oct 20, 2015, at 1:37 AM, chacharilaou@police.gov.cy wrote:
Dear Sir ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /
With reference to your report dated 16/10/2015 that you made through the Cyprus Police web site, I would like to inform you the following.
You have to make an official complain to the authorities of your country. Then the authorities of your country can forward a request for legal assistance to the countries that are involved with the fraud.
Moreover you can report your complaint at the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission http://www.cysec.gov.cy/default_en.aspx. At the web site of the above Commision you have to fill electronically a complain form, which has the following link http://www.cysec.gov.cy/complaints_cifs_regulated_en.aspx.
With regards,
Charilaos Charilaou
Sergeant 1516
Economic Crime Investigation Office
Department C’
Cyprus Police

I reported everything to CySEC and I called them once a week for months on any information on a refund of my funds that were in my account, $75,000.00 USD that Banc de Binary stole. They did not help me at all.

The BCSC had issued an official warning against this firm prohibiting any and all business conduct within British Columbia before I was recruited by them.
Knowing they were prohibited against all business conduct in British Columbia they still called me and recruited and registered me illegally into their firm.






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This is dreadful so sorry for you... i'll share on my Twitter.. hope lots of others read your story
sincerely hope you can get some of your money back.
thank you for your empathy with much appreciation. I sure hope Trader's court will assist me in getting my money back.
thank you for your empathy with much appreciation. I sure hope Trader's court will assist me in getting my money back. I'm not very computer friendly and did not know how to start with traders court. I have been trying for almost a year. I finally got thru.
You have to make an official complain to the authorities of your country

This means, you have to file criminal charges in your country, if complications with the police go directly to the state attorney (or whatever the procedure is), these crooks calling you is the first
crime they committed !
Of course, every time victims go for chargeback, it sure gives the heat on these crooks because it will
destroy their fund collecting set up. Don’t quite understand how they managed to cancel the procedure, but don’t be afraid of them, once you got the complaint done, get a copy to your Bank
and request a new chargeback , this time for FRAUD !
(normally your country regulator should also help)

Best is support from a local Law Firm.