Banc de Binary - The Scam of all Scams (and blackmails client)

Another horrible story. BDB has no limits. Cyprus is poor in curbing such things. Attempt for a charge back immediately (i.e raise a credit dispute with Bank).
Hi all, I think that it's also time for us to collectively use social media to get back at these scums of the earth. They have no interest whatsoever in resolving anything - all excuses and more and more lies are used to drag out the process further so that we run out of time to enforce chargebacks etc.

For Banc de Binary, I had mentioned about writing to Standard Chartered as Liverpool FC's main corporate sponsors, as well as the owner of Liverpool FC and the Banc de Binary rep at that point in time asked that I not do that just yet and to allow them the "little hope" we have in them to resolve the matter ... they have since just gone mum about everyone's complaints, so it's now terribly obvious that they are not at all serious about resolving anyone's complaints and that it's just more and more delay tactics in order that the window to complain to our banks about a chargeback pass by and that opportunity is lost to us. I therefore think that by right we all ought to create a major ruckus about it and point out to Liverpool FC about how Banc de Binary now have access to all the Liverpool FC supporters to scam as well with Liverpool FC's endorsement of them as a "partner" and notify Standard Chartered that they are tainted by association with Banc de Binary as a Liverpool FC "partner" when Standard Chartered is Liverpool FC's corporate sponsor ... please see my post at, post #78. BDB's response was in post #80.

Delays and excuses can push you past deadlines for chargebacks.

Scammers also know that in the heat of the moment, you just might look up the number and call Liverpool FC's public relations office, but if they can delay you, the chances of you following through later are greatly reduced.

Don't let them delay you. Complaint to all relevant authorities and to Liverpool FC and associated compaies. After all, some of your hard earned cash is being used for that sponsorship.
The Cyprus Financial Ombudsman ruled in Pertti's favor and told BDB to pay him.

Instead, BDB blackmailed him and tried to get him to accept a lesser payment, if the threads would be removed. Banc de Binary threatened no payment if the threads were not deleted..

I temporarily parked the threads in a private folder.

You can see Pertti's other thread HERE.
My case with Banc de Binary is resolved. I don't want to talk about it anymore but I can give you all some information.

If you are cheated by your broker there are 3 ways to get your money back.

1. Chargeback. The easiest way.

2. Decision of the Financial Ombudsman in your favour. You may still have to wait and negotiate.

3. Long and expensive trial.

That's it. There are no more options.

To people in EU. If you get a positive decision of the Financial Ombudsman but your broker is not willing to pay try to get an official request from your local Ombudsman to ISA. Even threatening by this could help.

One very important thing when dealing with brokers licenced by Cysec is to realize they are NOT licensed in EU. So if your broker is licenced by Cysec it does NOT mean they are regulated in your country. They are only registered there and there is a big difference . However this means they must at least follow MIFID.

A true hero here is Simona Weinglass from Times of Israel. If you have problems with Israel based Cypriot brokers contact Simona and she will make it very public. I can't thank Simona enough. She is a goddess.

I wish everyone good luck and this is by far the best information you can get at the moment.
I am glad that Pertti's issue was eventually resolved.

The use of blackmail by Banc de Binary to try to hide the threads about this issue disqualifies this from ever being moved to the Resolved Issues folder.
The FCA registration was a passported registration from Cyprus. It provided no protection or regulation. It's also been cancelled.