BancDeBinary is a scam


Two points.

One:Without my permission they deposited $750 into the account just after I agreed to be with a senior trade. This deposit even did not pass a email on deposit success notification.

Two:Impeding me from withdrawl. Every time I asked the responsible to help me withdraw my money, he kept telling me to trade, trade and trade.
And the compliance department never verify my account so I can not apply on the website.


File a complaint with The more people who file there, the more information will be available when some police or regulatory agency checks.

Did you deposit using a credit card? If so, have a talk with the fraud department of your issuing bank. Explain that $750 was removed without your permission and you can't get any of your money back. Give them all the facts of all deposits and ask if a chargeback can be done under these circumstances.

Whatever you do, DON'T open a trade. It would be very sad if all your money disappeared because price went against you.