Baramenteros is a scam


I recently took a chance to have Baramenteros programmer program my TradeStation code so I can use it on my MT4 platform. He sent me back an e-mail with an attachment that tries - but can not - open in TradeStation. The attachment does not open. The attachment is supposed to be my MLQ4 coded strategies, to be opened in MT4 platform. I e-mailed him, and he said that he was just adjusting my trade station code, and did not agree to code it for the mt4 platform? I can not get the original letter I sent him, as it was sent to him from his web sight where I clearly asked him for my Easy Language code to be translated in to MLQ4. He is not refunding my money, and he is not offering me code that I can even open, on ANY platform. He puts himself out as a programmer for MT4. Do not use him.


Next time, make certain that the specifications are sent back and forth a few times before making a payment. Otherwise, you have no proof that what you got is or is not what you requested and the other party agreed to.