Barrett partners is a scam


Private, 1st Class

The heat must be on these guys because their changing their company name again....

(beta trading, murray international and robinson franklin just this month)

Same story receive a cold call out of the blue about some brilliant stock tip,.

Then you will receive fake documentation confirming your purchase.

If you at this point start to question their legitimacy then be prepared for a call from their fake regulators-

Better Investment Bureau -
Investment Oversight Commission -
Securites Oversight Commission - Suspended Domain

Once you've payed then the bleeding process begins :).


Private, 1st Class
Letter from X employee

Worked for Robinson Franklin back in early February. Was recruited from over seas by their scam recruitment company After three phone interviews I was brought out to Jakarta. As soon as I landed in the airport I immediately knew something was wrong, as I was brought through the airport without any checks or anything and when my visa was being sorted out, the guy doing it handed the official american dollars, and subsequently on the way back a week later, a customs official met me at the entrance to the airport and again brought me through completely unchecked.

Anyway as soon as I arrived at the office and encountered to low lifes working there I was convinced it was a scam and its slowly revelled - if you were stupid enough not to get it - over a number of days. They had lots of guys their from all over the world. I understand another guy outed the company and his life had been put in danger. This is international organised crime involving the collusion of public service officials. I have a list of numbers and the address of the office I worked in and that I can give you on the insurance that my identity will be kept secret as I do not want my life or my families life put in danger. I don't know how relevant the numbers are now but I'll give them to you anyway.

First is Karl office manager - 0815 7453 3333
Dion - the guy you ring when you get in trouble, apparently an X police chief of the city of Jakarta - 0816 105 269

Address Citibank Slipi
Wisma 77
Jl. Letjend S.Parman Kav.77 Slipi
Jakarta Barat 11410

Their is a secret door to enter the office in the city bank building. I understand they move a lot but maybe there is a trail or trace if they are not there any longer. Everything about this company is a scam from the names of people on the phone to their recruitment companies. Most people realise and leave straight away but those who stay are criminals and know exactly what they are doing. Happy Hunting. Please don't use anything that may reveal my identity including my user name. They are very organised and look after their 'employees' really well, paying a recruit 200 dollars a week for two months and your rent in nice accommodation for two months, they even supply pay slips. As i said if you stay longer than a week - time to book flight out of their - your complicit and haven't a leg to stand on