BAYRONS.COM - not processing my withdrawal.


My Account ID: 2089606079 with
My Balance is USD28,521.67

I have summit 3 withdrawals;

6 March 2015 – USD100 (intention was to test the process and procedure)
10 March 2015 – USD1000
11 March 2015 – USD1500

My story is one that is quite the norm yet I am aware that I have been a total idiot. Initially they claimed they were fully regulated and I googled (maybe not good enough) and found no scam report regarding them, at the beginning of 2014. To date, there is only one such report that I have seen about on its Facebook account. seem to be unheard off/ not popular / ? .

After initial successful trades in Feb 2014, subsequent trades recommended were total failures and I was really caught into depositing more and more to save the margins and my account. Then My VIP account manager had an accident that removed him permanently from my account, and substituted with some account managers (many of them). Since then, every trades given were failures. And I have to save my own accounts by cutting loses and/or opening trades to hedge the losses. With the VIP account, I had a lot of credit from and enable me to survive all this volatile trades.

The final account manager last contacted me in Dec 2014. Which there was still no way to close those failure trades, and he was not interested to trade my account as it was 70% down. He would need to recover the 70% then only he could start getting his bonus from the profits, if I understand how the brokers work. Yet, I still have 25K worth of credit from the company, good till I closed every single trades, in which I had to deposit yet another 2k to maintain this credit. Last deposit was in Dec 2014.

Finally, I was able closed the last of the losing trades in profit, 2 weeks ago. And there is no more open trades in my account. I started to withdraw …. To my horror … no one is processing it. And my last broker claims that he is not working with (London) anymore. My 3rd email to them, was sent to all available email contacts listed on their webpage on 16 March 2015. Still no reply. Interesting also is that the withdrawal process and condition webpage was removed. has the most primitive withdrawal request process, there is no log on my statement, and no email saying that a requested for withdrawal was submitted. Not to mention that the Account Statement is not updated according to the trade records and balances in the MT4.

Their phone contracts are useless… they probably has a way to detect my phone number and immediate put me to listen to waiting music while my phone call starts charging. I tried the Australian number too and it is not in service. The Live Chat is useless, cos in so far, there is only one person, called Jude available and she is rude and not able to answer or escalate any issue. Basically, she is just the receptionist. She told me that Finance is reviewing it, when I was finally able to get her early this week. Now, I cannot get her to chat, unless I submit my email and message first, which I suppose she will filter and not answer if it is me, which I tried last night with a fake email and with the message of interested to opening a practise account, then she is online to chat with me. I didn't follow thru though.

Is there still any hope of getting whatever is left of my money?


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Although they have a UK phone number, on their webside they don`t give a specific adress. That is always very suspicious.
Why are they hiding their location? Maybe it is a case for the FSA (Financial Services Authority).


Gather all your evidence and get screenshots of everything - including anything on the Bayrons website about withdrawals.

Contact your credit card's issuing bank immediately. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Carefully explain the situation. Make sure to emphasize that the services a broker offers include deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Make certain the person you are speaking to understands this. If not, you may need to try again to find someone who does. Ask about doing a chargeback based on the company refusing to process a withdrawal for money that is sitting in your account.

Report back here and let everyone know how it goes.


my name is harry. i am from australia. they did the same thing with me. i got the call from this compant at the same time as yours and we traded for roughly 6 months. there was one lady called sophya, she was my broker. i have all the emails from her. i invested first $1000 usd and than i won the trade so same things i did as yours invested more. roughly i invested $10000 AUD and than i submitted my withdraw form and everything they gave me the service and email me the form i have to submit all the paper work done. today its more than a year now. i didnt get any single penny from them. these people completely ruthless. i been to cops in australia. they did nothing except paperwork. i think the problem is there is no body in the world or in the country who look after this kind of idiots. i am absolutely devasted. the money i invested is my despoite money for house i contacted uk police they said we cant help you. i dont think there is anybody who can help us. i lost my hope ages ago i dont know yours bro. recently i called them they said we are not bayrons they told me some other company which they dont care and hang up my call. and i was calling uk number from australia because australia number on bayrons is **** bro. these people are pathetic and i wish they end up in hell man. anyway i am continue with my life and i think you should


Go ahead and open your own thread. Include some details like how and when you deposited.