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BBinary.com (Banc De Binary)

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Administrator, May 19, 2011.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Just Administrator :-)

    Sep 24, 2007
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  2. prema

    prema Recruit

    Sep 22, 2011
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    BBinary.com Scam website.

    It is scam websote Banc De Binary - www.bbinary.com | Online Binary Option Trading | Binary Option Broker | Digital Option Broker .Dont trade and loose money.I traded a pair of USD/JPY and it was visible in my open position while expiration time that I have earned 90$ cash and later it disappeared after expiration time.Later in portfolio I saw I have lost by 3 pips.So it was really disappointing.So I contacted support and they told same thing that I lost by 3 pips but I ask them why it was shown wrong info on your chart and order rates that I have earn and now it is different scenario and that support person never respond for 15 minutes after asking so many times (Are you there sir).
    Later I contacted another chat person and below was there worst reply .It is pretty clear they are cheating as they might have earned from other people showing position which I saw and later earned from me too not paying from my cash.It is sure scam and reading below customer supporrt comment you will know they are cheating everyone.As I have never seen tll today online that customer support is helping and leave customer in between without any response and go for meeting(Good joke).How it is possible other people also in meeting.Please see below chat history and dont register at this scam website.

    Chat person message copied below for your information :-

    Welcome to Banc De Binary! An online Account Manager will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 30 seconds. Thank you for waiting.

    You are not currently in a chat session.

    You are not currently in a chat session.

    All Account Managers are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An Account Manager will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 30 seconds. Thank you for waiting.

    Hello and Welcome to Banc De Binary. You are now chatting with 'Customer Support'

    Customer Support: Welcome to Banc De Binary (Banc De Binary - www.bbinary.com | Online Binary Option Trading | Binary Option Broker | Digital Option Broker ). How may I assist you?

    prema9860: Hi i was talking with Warnny and later no one was responding

    Customer Support: Warren was just called to a senior staff meeting

    Customer Support: he will return in about 15 minutes

    prema9860: but he should respond ,I was waiting for his response for more then 15 min

    prema9860: atleast he should have transfer it to another chat person

    Customer Support: i wasn't availible at the time since I was also in a meeting

    prema9860: ok can you please resolve my issue

    Customer Support: i have had to excuse myself from that meeting

    Customer Support: what is your issue?

    prema9860: I had bougth pair usd/jpy by selling and at time of expiration I was able to see I earned 90$ and it got disappeared.Later in portfolio I was able to see I lost it

    prema9860: how it possible

    Customer Support: just give me a moment to check on that

    prema9860: sure and waren told me i lost by 3 pips which I was also able to see in portfolio

    prema9860: but when live trading was going on it was down and it was clearly visible till end I had earned 90$

    Customer Support: i also see that in your portfolio

    prema9860: but what about exeution which I saw

    prema9860: live

    Customer Support: i'm sorry, i don't understand the question

    prema9860: I mean to say when expiration time was over it showed I earned 90$

    prema9860: and it disappeared from my open postion

    prema9860: and I though I earned

    prema9860: later in my portfolio it showed i lost by 3 pips

    Customer Support: i'm looking over the charts right now

    prema9860: sure

    Customer Support: and i see that at 17:32:12 the asset started to rise

    Customer Support: and it did not return to your entry rate until 17:46

    Customer Support: 1 minute after your option expired

    prema9860: but how it showed everything opposite in your chart and eceution rate

    prema9860: as even saw 76.446

    Customer Support: do you have a screen shot of this?

    prema9860: before expiration

    Customer Support: because unfortunatly there is not much that I can do from my end unless i can see the issue or replicate it

    prema9860: :) how I will have screenshot ,whether I know I will face this issue

    Customer Support: the moment that you see something strange, you can take a screen shot and send it to support@bbinary.com

    prema9860: Sir how I will know your chart are showing wrong info

    prema9860: can you please elaborate

    Customer Support: that's what i'm trying to ask you. i cannot help you if i cannot see the issue

    Customer Support: you're telling me that everything was showing incorrectly, but i cannot replicate this issue, so i cannot help you

    prema9860: As issue was from your site not from my side

    prema9860: that what I was trying to say

    prema9860: how it is possible for me to provide you snapshot and are you ready to acccept that your website shows wrong info

    Customer Service: I understand. I cannot help you as you are a demo account.

    prema9860: no it not a demo account

    prema9860: I got cash from intelltraders

    prema9860: and it is real money

    prema9860: I have to talk with them too

    Customer Service: You did not deposit any funds.

    Customer Service: Good day sir.

    Customer Service: Bye.

    prema9860: Thanks for great support

    prema9860: I will talk with intellitraders

    prema9860: and blogs
  3. nzulfi

    nzulfi Banned spammer for BBinary.com

    Feb 13, 2012
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    well i think Binary Option Trading is risky business....you have the different platform on which you can trade, Banc De Binary is one of them. As far as i am concern Trading in a Binary business need patience and proper analysis of the situation, i have been working for Banc De Binary and seen a lots of comments like "this is scam", " do not trade at bbinary.com"....from my point of view BDB is in the market for the last 2 to 3 years and have proper and professional setup, if it is a scam it would not have last that long.
  4. pulsare

    pulsare Banned spammer for BankDeBinary.com

    Mar 14, 2012
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    hi, well i'm thinking going with BDB even though i see negative comments. the reason is that i see negative comments about every popular brokers, i think ppl when they have problem they just will go to forum and ***** about it. but i maybe find about 10 negative comments about BDB so far, its not that much! they been in business sense 2009 if they were that bad they will not even be here at this time don't you think?
    And regulated or not don't really mater because the one that are regulated still ppl complain about it!
    The most important is that when i want to with draw they will give me my money to me that's what make a good broker. I think what is happening is that ppl open account and get the bonus then they try to get the money out and there is the problem so the best is never take bonus just play with your money only!
  5. Funkeemunk

    Funkeemunk Recruit

    Apr 21, 2012
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    Hi there I'm new to FPA and also new to BdB. I just recently joined them and have been on the hunt for more information. From what I've discovered so far, it might seem a bit harsh to call them a scam website. To date I have invested $2600 into their site after which they gave me $1300 bonus. Something I would advise against as in the fine print, (which I stupidly only skim read) it is a condition that before you can request a withdrawl you must trade the value of; your bonus + deposit x 20... So in my case I have to trade somewhere around $78,000 worth of options to trade before I can withdraw. That may seem like an awful lot, but after a week, I have managed to turn over about $16,000, without any assistance and to be perfectly honest, I don't really know what I'm doing as I followed a method I saw on a video from mybinarycode.com or something like that. And to my dismay it didn't work and I lost a fair bit.
    So out of the blue I was contacted by customer service who told me that I wasn't doing so good and that I should talk to one of their brokers.
    After talking to one of their brokers I had agreed to take the $1300 deposit, which if I had have read the Ts & Cs properly I would have decided against. My broker told me that after the weekend we were going to start education classes that would change my outcome.
    The weekend came and went, Friday was ok for me, I made around $350. Then on Monday (in Australia) I lost around $700. That night my broker left a status update on Skype that read "SICK as a dog, back tomorrow" So no classes Monday. I had stopped trading as I kept losing and didn't want to blow it all before my classes began. Then I would have to invest more money. Tuesday came and My broker told me he couldn't do it that night as there was a backlog after being sick on Monday.
    So on Wednesday we finally got in to it. And in 20min he showed me a couple of things that changed my winning ratio... How to interpret Charts from
    Forex Charts | Currency Charts
    And also the financial announcements that are being made that day found here Forex Factory
    Before the class I had around 46% win to loss ratio and after changing my tactics, I altered my outcome 9 out of 12 wins. And it was nothing like the method they suggested in mybinarycode.com.
    So I still have a way to go before I can draw my money back out, along with the bonus and so far I have done it all how the book says, with no discrepancies. I'm just worried that when i get to the $78,000 mark I'm gonna have to hand over 1) a copy of my passport, 2) a copy of my creditcard and 3) a copy of a utility. All things that are advised against when dealing on the internet because of the potential for identity theft. However this is apparently in line with anti-money laundering laws and are also common between forex and options brokers, from what I can gather.
    It seems the more I look for answers, the less I have any idea of how safe it can be.
    Can anyone here tell me if they have been confirmed to be a sham? Also I will keep this updated with my winnings etc. And if I have been successful in withdrawing my money once I reach the 78K mark.
  6. jaminunit

    jaminunit Recruit

    Oct 2, 2012
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    So how are you going? I just put some money in and am also scared that I have to put so much ID across.
  7. robweis1

    robweis1 Recruit

    Sep 3, 2012
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    A representative contact me that I should increase my account to $10,000.00.
    I explained to him what I explained to my account manager.
    I recently lost my leg and I cannot put anymore money into the account except the original amount that I had saved and put in.
    When I looked at my bank account they took out $250.00 without my permission.
    Now to get all my money back they keep asking for the same documents over and over, and to prove that the card belongs to me! All I am asking is that they put the money on the same card they took it from.
    So far no money, just requests for the same documents
  8. arkasha

    arkasha Recruit

    Apr 23, 2013
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    I have to tell you guys, for all the brokers out there, there aren't as many complaints as there are for Banc De Binary! This company i heard is registerd in cypress and in the uk! So what does that tell you! This companie is registered with 2 or 3 regulatory bodys, and still there are tons and tons of complaints on them! This just tells you that just because they are registered doesn't mean they are legit! And aspecially after a company lied about there office and doing business in U.S. Just because they are now regulated doesnt mean they will care or change their business doings! It actually means the opposite! Be very careful folks. Banc DE Binary lied, used, and stole traders money before they were regulated or just regulated with 1 body! Why should they start becoming honest after regulation, when regulation gives them license to steal!

    Unless you are in a country of their registry, you cant get your money back! Take a look at it this way, Why should i send you back your money when you are somewhere where i dont care about, or somewhere that i know you have no control to get your money back!
  9. Игорь

    Игорь Recruit

    Feb 3, 2014
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    не понимаю, неужели так трудно поймать организатора и засадить ему горячий лом в задницу... они же где-то базируются, нужно только накрыть их поганое логово или они так и будут безнаказанно творить зло на планете... Я так понимаю, они весь МИР сделали... и продолжают ... и никому нет дела, потому что они всех купили за наши деньги... может пора уже что то решить наконец...хватит уже плакать на форумах, пора оторвать свои тела от мониторов, давайте скинемся и надерём им их гнилые задницы...

    с уважением Игорь.
  10. zzzztj

    zzzztj Private, 1st Class

    Jul 22, 2015
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    I am looking for customer experience stories with BDB. Please email bdb@allanassoc.com with your story and pass this on to everyone who has had dealings with this company.

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