Bcapitalsfx is a Big Scam


Bcapitalsfx.com address is Suite1109, 11th Floor, Barton Center, MG Road, Banglore. Contact Persons Mohan:08714830830, Jabeer and Janeef and also Uma Shanker he is a big cheater waste fellow in that team he cheats people in India and enjoys in Dubai bald head fellow,still now they dint return my deposit amount my account no is 190055

My name is Rahul from Hyderabad i opened live account in bcapitalsfx.com , $4000 and i made profits $10000, with in a month i am not using any robots any news trading i am doing only manual trading,....... when i am placing withdrawal they dint pay single amount including my capital amount also, i visited there office in Banglore contacted person is Mohan, Umashanker, Abraham George, and the proprietor Janeef they all are cheaters they cheat people there is no office in UK, London or Dubai there office located in Banglore only, i already complained Cyber Crime Police station in Hyderabad, dont invest in bcapitalsfx now they are opening another trading platform, in this people any one found please call me 08522933523, Local police are searching for them or please mail me ghouserahul@gmail.com
Go ahead and email a link to this thread to the addresses you have for BCapitalsFx. Invite them to come here and explain why you can't withdraw your funds.