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I'm unable to access the FinFX.fi website from link above from USA. With Win7 and Safari for Windows browser, I get a Windows Security dialog popup: No certificate available. No certificates meet the application. Click OK to continue. When I click OK, I get a blank page. Please help.



I'm unable to access the FinFX.fi website from link above from USA. With Win7 and Safari for Windows browser, I get a Windows Security dialog popup: No certificate available. No certificates meet the application. Click OK to continue. When I click OK, I get a blank page. Please help.

I'm getting the same here with Win7 on Google Chrome. Have you heard of any news on this?


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Since this has happened was the problem ever resolved,if so has it happened again? Can you please write a detailed review of your trading experience with Fin?
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finfx was a good broker as of a couple years ago. But I had an interesting exercise with their backoffice when I tried to fund my account again for trading. They demanded I document the source of funds I used funding the account over two years ago (with pay stubs). I found that a) impossible to do, b) obnoxious, and c) I didn't appreciate the tone they used.

Finfx has really lost the spirit.


To say it right away, this is going to be a biased experience report because I am affiliated with FinFX. However, I am also a long time customer and my first account with them has a tiny 4-digit account number.

So where do I start. I joined FinFX about three years ago, just a few months after they had started their business. Back then they didn't have structured processes, but things have changed. When you open an account you get a back office access where you can upload the documents that are required to activate the account. You can deposit or withdraw funds from there and they even show you at which banks your current account balance is held. Support is helpful and replies very fast.

FinFX is a true ECN broker, they are connected to their Liquidity Providers through Integral. The FinFX ECN servers are located in Helsinki, Finland, the ECN Pro servers in New York. ECN accounts require a minimum deposit of 1k while ECN Pro accounts require a minimum deposit of 10k. However, if you open a Pro account you can get a free BeeksFX VPS as soon as the account has been funded. According to BeeksFX latency to FinFX is less than 1ms.

In my experience the trading conditions and execution are good. I used my main account for an Asian Session Scalper for more than a year with good success. IIRC it happened twice in those three years that due to wrong quotes of a Liquidity Provider an SL was wrongly triggered - FinFX refunded the loss in both cases.

FinFX is not regulated, simply because FIN-FSA, the local regulation authority, doesn't regulate spot FX trades. As some kind of compensation FinFX had PwC conduct an audit to prove segregation of funds.

The trading commission is $7 per round-turn lot for ECN accounts and $6 per round-turn lot for ECN Pro account. And to get back to my affiliate status, for accounts that are opened using the IB links below the commission is reduced by $0.75. Which means there is no need to wait to get paid a cashback by a third party.

Here are the links:

And here you can find some more information: FinFX commission discount.


Finfx is retarded.

Payable On Death (POD) Definition | Investopedia


Enough of the self-serving "opinions" rendered by persons having a direct financial interest in finfx and with a hefty total of 5 (five) prior contributions to this forum (all extolling the praises of finfx!).

Some of us, actually living on planet earth, actually have to deal with this broker as clients, rather than being dependent on them for dinner. A POD account is a method savvy individuals in the USA use to directly pass an account to a relative after death without need for months of probate. Nobody in his right mind would argue the owner of such a bank account is anything but the full and beneficial owner. And Texas Statute (where the account is domiciled) is pretty explicit on this point:

>Text of article effective until January 01, 2014

Sec. 438. OWNERSHIP DURING LIFETIME. (a) A joint account belongs, during the lifetime of all parties, to the parties in proportion to the net contributions by each to the sums on deposit, unless there is clear and convincing evidence of a different intent.

(b) A P.O.D. account belongs to the original payee during his lifetime and not to the P.O.D. payee or payees. If two or more parties are named as original payees, during their lifetimes rights as between them are governed by Subsection (a) of this section.<


Yet, incredibly Finfx is arguing the ownership of such an account is unclear. I have had the account for 3 years. Finfx has received wires from the account and has wired money to the account on numerous occasions without a peep. But today, while trying to upgrade my account to an ECN pro account, this:

Thank you for contacting us concerning the situation with your bank account. Unfortunately we are not able to accept BOD bank account. FinFX’s policy is to verify that bank account is owned by client as we do not accept third party money transfers. We understand the nature of BOD bank account and because in case of death the bank account ownership can be transferred to other person, FinFX has decided to not to accept BOD bank accounts. All payments to/from clients must be processed via bank account which is held in the same name as the trading account.

FinFX’s document requirements have changed since your first trading account was opened. It is unfortunate that we did not know that your bank account 58xxxxxxxx37 has the BOD feature and could not ask you to change the bank details earlier. We need you to to provide us a new original bank account which will be used for your money transfers from/to FinFX in future. Or if it is possible in Bank of America you may also ask the bank to remove BOD feature from your account 58xxxxxxxx37.

If you prefer to provide us a new bank account in Bank of America or in some other bank please send us a bank statement in order to verify your ownership to the new original bank account. The bank document must show complete account number, your name, bank’s name/logo and it can be max. 3 months old. Please also advise a Swift code or Routing number if new bank account is not in Back if America. Or in case you choose to remove the POD feature from 58xxxxxxxx37 please provide us a new bank statement which shows that account is not POD anymore or a confirmation letter from your bank with bank officer’s signature and stamp.

FinFX’s Onboarding Department will continue your trading account opening process after you have provided us the new bank details.

We thank you for your cooperation and welcome you to contact us for further advises if needed.

Yours Sincerely,


FinFx Trading Oy | XXXXXXXX
| Back Office Manager | +358 10 281 0101
| Tainionkoskentie 14, 55100 Imatra, Finland
| backoffice@finfx.fi | www.finfx.fi

The ownership of a POD account does pass after my death. And precisely the same thing will happen without a POD designation, but only after a multi-month delay and an expensive probate process, which is precisely the point of the POD designation. If you want to pass a bit of money, say to your brother quickly perhaps to bury you before your body rots, this does make a great deal of sense. And the probate process, and added expense to my estate is where finfx is basing a decision concerning beneficial ownership... Maybe I should just stick a knife in my brother's heart because it will make finfx happy... Yeah, that's the ticket.

I spent an hour of my valuable time at Bank of America today. The lady I spoke with was shaking her head while reading the above email. And I don't think it was merely because of the misspellings and other indications of sloppiness at best and brain damage at worst. I can remove the POD designation with my signature. And I did so. And I can reintroduce it with a signature. That's what full beneficial ownership of a bank account means.

Furthermore, isn't it interesting how these jokers demand that I change my bank account (the one from which they've received funds over a period of YEARS) before they'll condescend to giving me MY money back!!! So maybe they're not retarded after all and the broker is just a scam.

It has taken more work and aggravation than I imagined possible to merely get a faster connection to finfx servers. And I'm not done yet! They can still rake me over the coals getting 200:1 leverage as I have with my current ECN account and as I require. I am seriously considering simply pulling funds and closing the account after 3 years with these jokers. I've opened an ECN account with FXChoice at 200:1 leverage and note they have a similar deal with offer of a free VPS with very low latency (7 ms)to their servers. Has anybody been trading with them?
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I've been trading with Finfx since June 2011. I have nothing but good things to say about their services. Several trading buddies have opened demo and live accounts with Finfx due to my high recommendation of the company. 2013 is almost over and I yet have to hear one bad report from any of my fx friends who still have accounts there.

We all demand that a broker be regulated by some government ruling body. But being regulated isn't everything. Look at the BIG, well-known, well-regulated brokers who have been recently CANNED for their illegal (EVIL) brokerage practices - - PFG Best, FXDD, to name a few!!


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If it can help anyone - we have recently improved our latency to FinFX trading servers in New York City.

The connectivity is looking really good, check the ping results from our servers:

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=117 time=2.46 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=117 time=2.24 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=117 time=2.15 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=117 time=2.33 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=117 time=2.23 ms
--- ping statistics ---
5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 3999ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 2.158/2.286/2.464/0.109 ms

Up-to-date FinFX latency info can be found here: https://fxvm.net/blog/finfx-broker-latency-2ms/