BDSwiss withdrawal since 11-Sep


The customer service keep repeating the same thing for weeks that they are waiting for the bank. Its really unacceptable.
Yes 10 to 15 working days but my withdrawal was 11-Sep. More than a month which already over 10-15 working days.
Thanks for the tag @FxMaster

Hi @Jonathankoay,
Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing delays with your withdrawal. We have already sent another reminder to the bank in order to provide us with a copy of the transaction's SWIFT code in order to provide it to you. Once we have this information, a member of of our Team will be in contact with you promptly.
Sometimes withdrawals can take up to 10 to 15 working days and sometimes even longer depending on the region, location or payment processor.
Please rest assured that our Team is currently actively looking into your issue.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.
If you require any further assistance or clarification please contact us directly at
Thank you.
The BDSwiss Team