BDSwiss wrongfully margin called my account

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Update: You indicate that you tried to close the first position manually around 9:45 PM (UK Time) without remembering the exact moment. Considering that, from 23:58 PM to 00:02 PM the trading is disabled while pricing is still on, 9:45 PM is 11:45 PM (CY Time), therefore you were trying to close the position around the market closure time which is at 11:58 PM CY time. Additionnaly, considering that : 1. No attempt to close your positions was recorded on your trading account on April 13 at the times and for the positions indicated. 2. On positions 9641757 & 9641814, there was no stop-loss neither placed nor recorded, 3. Position 9641757 was placed on 14 Apr 2020 00:02 AM and closed at 14 Apr 2020 00:04 AM. 4. Position 9635372 closed on 14 Apr 2020 00:03 AM without reaching the Stop-loss which was placed at SL 1.9611 while the position closed at 1.9619.

I remember trying to close the position at 9:45 UK time and it wouldnt let me close it, my other 2 positions i manually added a SL and it wasnt triggered and it wasnt picked up on the platform. Also they failed to mention why my trade didnt close at TP hence why i tried to close it manually in profit and it still wouldnt close. They have said they will close my account because I'm going to do chargeback which I have initiated.

Is there anything else I can do?
What did you reply to them?
I replied stating that they havent proved anything aside from state things, they didnt address the fact that my TP was hit yet not triggered and my SL's were placed yet they are not in the system.
The FPA invited the Company to update this discussion on May 10, 2020 at 5:23 PM
Dear Mr. Khan,

Upon investigating your complaint sent to us via email on the 14th of April where you are claiming a full refund because you could not close one of your positions at 9:00 pm UK time. You have confirmed that the attempted close time was at around 9:45 pm UK time.

Please note that as you confirmed that the attempt was around midnight GMT +2, which is around the time the market closes. We have investigated the case and found no attempts of closure in our systems. Hence the reason for not being able to close due to the attempt time, which was around market closure.

Regarding your complaint about two other positions which did not register any stop loss or take profit, which we also have no indication of both positions closed due to insufficient funds (stop out). Please keep in mind that it is the clients’ responsibility to monitor, at all times, the funds available in the Trading Account to cover any Margin required as a result of the clients trading decisions.

As the investigation showed no error from our side we have provided you with an official response and a reference number in case you wished to take the matter further.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via should you need any further clarifications or assistance.

Kind regards,
The BDSwiss team