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NRGBinary withdrew my deposit of $250.00 on March 26 and when I first complained to them they told me that they'll investigate the matter. A few days later they told me that I was the one who requested the withdrawal. I asked them for the proof, but they could never supply one because, I never asked them for the W/D. They told me that my money was going to be deposited into my credit card account the one I used for funding and I need to wait 10 business days for the credit to show. I asked them for the transaction number as each credit card transaction must have a tracking number. They told me that if the money is not in my account after 10 days, then their finance department will give me the ARN number. Why wouldn't they give me that number in the first place right at the date when the transaction was made is something I felt very uneasy about and suspected some foul play. My feelings proved correct. After the 10 business day elapsed I wrote to them and asked for the ARN number to trace the funds, but now, 5 days later, they won't even answer my emails. So much for a reputable company where your funds are secure. I have been reading in this Forum about them after I made my mistake. The mistake I made by listening to a young lady named Cristine who was promoting her binary picks and requested that I should open my account with her "trusted" brokerage, NRGBinary. So, should you come across this name, just let me know and I'll tell you the whole story. Fast forward to this Forum. I saw that there's a gentleman named Lance Graham who goes by the title as business development manager for NRG, who was looking into several problems and complaints and tried to resolve some of the customer complaints. Well, I thought I don't have much to loose and perhaps something to gain, so, I wrote to him about what happened to me. I got a slap again, this time from this Mr. Graham, because, despite writing to him three times, he's never replied to a single email. Enclosed is my last letter I wrote him yesterday.Dear Mr. Graham,

I was hoping to hear from you by now for my last two letters. I had no
desire to go to "Forex Peace Army" Forum and post my experience there
with NRG, but I may have to resort to that solution if I don't hear
from you by tomorrow, April 15, 6 P.M. PST. It's a large puzzle for me
why a respectable businessman like you in a responsible position with
a financial company would neglect to respond to customer complaints.
From the look of things I'm not alone and I'm sure you have plenty to
do. However. just a short note that you've gotten my letters and
you'll look into the disappearance of my funds would be a good
beginning. By the way, your finance department still have not
responded with a transaction number either for the withdrawal of my
funds they initiated. I'm sure Visa will not be happy either to find
out about your prevailing business practices.
So, this is my story in a nutshell. God Bless you all and if you are still looking for the proper vehicle to trade Forex, let me know. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.


First and foremost - stop placing trades in the account.

If you haven't already left one, a 1 star review for NRG Binary may get Lance's attention.

Contact your credit card company, ask to speak to the fraud department, and explain what is going on. Ask about time limits for a chargeback. Be aware that if you do proceed with a chargeback, you'll sacrifice any profits you may have made.

You can also file a complaint with

LanceG Representative
Dear Sir,
The only reason I didn't reply to your e-mails was because they went straight to my junk mail. Trust me, you would have gotten a reply back from me the same day you sent me your letter. I don't have any intention of dragging you for no reason. I have been reading your letter and taking all the necessary actions to resolve your matter as soon as I possibly can.
Thanks for your understanding of the situation.
Lance G.
Business Development Manager


Lance, have a chat with your IT department. The email addresses of ALL clients who have accounts with your company should be whitelisted. This may require someone in IT take a break from their other important activities and do some work, but think of all the problems that will be avoided.


Private, 1st Class
Hi Legless.
You, like me and a hundred other followers have landed in a cesspit of rogues and scoundrels, that have no compassion for fellow human beings, are heartless, ruthless and unscrupulous. There are no respectable gentlemen there, only robbers. No matter how nice they seem, they are parasites of the worst kind. You may just as well kiss your funds good bye. I deposited about $2500, traded to $3000, then the "Account Manager", (more of an Account Robber), overrode my password and deliberately traded losing trades up to $1500, without my knowledge. I could not get into my account, and he has the audacity to say he reset my password. I told him to refund my account to what it was, he has done nothing. I applied for withdrawal of remaining funds, over 14 days ago, nothing! I suppose they are going to steal that too! I also got hooked by Cristine.
Try going to Action Fraud | Report fraud and internet crime and fill in a fraud report. Get all details of persons you spoke to, telephone numbers, screen shots, etc., ready.
good Luck. If your account was funded by credit card report them to your bank card division.