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BE AWARE OF FOREX MANAGED ACCOUNTS! PART 1 (Be Careful About "Forex Trading Group"!

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Ludvik Cizinsky, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Ludvik Cizinsky

    Ludvik Cizinsky Private

    Sep 20, 2009
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    On the surface it looks like a great deal. The past performance looks very good. You don't have to spend hours and hours at the computer to make a trade. You don't have to be concerned about economic news and how the forex market will react to it or worry about missing trading opportunities. No more stress, no more emotions, no more poor judgment! You just sit back and let somebody else do the dirty work. Your only concern is if the balance in your account grows by 20-25% every months as you were told. It could be, at least to a while, quite comfortable feeling. But sooner or later the reality kicks in. Suddenly the numbers don't look as good as you had hoped for or as "they" predicted. And the deeper you dig in to find out what went wrong the more hidden mines you uncover which, as you start realize, could blow your entire account. Doesn't it sound too familiar? Welcome to the world of forex managed accounts! It almost happened to me after I became a client of a Greek forex broker, FOREX TRADING GROUP, which also manages accounts. They were highly recommended by a ZuluTrade representative as "reputable, very reliable and high integrity" company averaging 20% return per month (not compounded!). I was told that they "did me a favor" by accepting less than 50K which is their required minimum. After the first week, when I could see some results and do my own calculations, I realized that I was badly misled and that the predicted profit could actually be much lower, if at all! What happened to me could be a valuable lessen for anybody who is considering a managed account. Please get the whole story in the following PART 2!

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