Be aware of these SCAMS on telegram


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Here is another scammer to be aware of.

Telegram scammer username: @Waqartrader786
Name: Waqar Trader

I asked him investors password from real account, he deleted our comuincation and blocked me.
Offers investing plans but is all scam.


Hi traders

i have joint this guy he say his name is herbert graybill , hi invest ur money and claims on the end of the week you get 800%, i asked him proof that this is no scam he send me a video of his acc with the name pro licensed trader acc(iqoptions),, now i send him 50$ at the end of the week he had stories about payment that gonna be done and he send me i code to my email , i got the email and in the email they say i need to deposit another 99$ for some fee i told him no to the hell!!! i asked him for my money no reply from him beware of this scam

telegram link:


I was scammed today again :(, i lost 2500 Euros. Traders name on Telegram Jason Roye ( @forex3214 ), skrill account ( ) He has channel with signals and he offers managing of accounts. Today i sent him 50 percent of my profit and then he burned my account. 2500 euros in one day :(.
From the Skrill account, he / they goes by another name in Telegram, Nadir Ali (@Superforex1).
He made good profits for few days and constantly demand the 50% profits and when account is blown, he / they blocked and cleared all history.

There is also one time he / they requested payment to be made to below Skrill account:
Ryan Anwar

His / their Telegram channel is named "Trading Master" with the link below:

Funny is one time he / they also posted a message "exposing" maybe another sister site / group named "Trading Forex" with the link below:

Possible is they are run by a big group and created many Telegram channels. Take care guys.


FXBrains FX_Brains SCAM ALERT!!
The person goes by @Jeff_Norton on Telegram whose real name is aisosa enogieru iyamu
He runs the website &
They send out fake payout images showing people making big profits by trading with them.
You can send money via Bitcoin or via Skrill. I sent it via Skrill and some guy named aisosa enogieru iyamu actually takes out the money from Skrill.
They will post lots of fake "Payout" images on their Telegram channel and

Do NOT invest a dime with these latest Nigerian scammers! I am just glad I didn't send them my full $2,000. I first sent them $1,500 with plans on sending the rest in a few days, but once Aisosa Enogieru Iyamu picked up my first payment, I knew I was being scammed.



Telegram pages
1) BattleField Autotradung EA
2) BattleField Fx EA
3) BattleField EA
Hey did you eventually find a ea that works good for you?

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Yet another scam! WTF,it seems like everything is a fking scam
im sorry i dont have any links cos he deleted the chat i had with him and he blocked me from his group

the name of the groups are FXTM Analyst (multiple groups)
the name of the admin goes by many different names.
@lucaken, @Lucakent, @lucakenn, any such permutation

This person operates by mode of investment plans which will have many different stages.
I was foolish enough to fall for this so others please dont fall.

there are many daily, weekly and monthly plans, where in addition to the stated amounts, you will have to place a "charge fee" and do a video testimonial in order to receive your funds.

however the day when you are supposed to get your payout, he will just delete your personal chat with him and block you and remove you from the group

that way you can never report him.

Stay far far away!!! (he has gotten over $3.2 million from his leaked screenshots of his accounts - with an average of $500 scammed per person like what i lost, thats like 6500 people scammed!)

Gideon Grey

Beware of @GeorgeHudson aka Danny , see the attached screenshot of their Telegram group.
They have several groups more than 20 on Telegram with different names as "free forex signal groups"
To detect they are the same group, ask the admin which forex broker do they recommend, they will send you the same link in these groups with the same code so that they get a commission from the broker.
I paid for their FX VIP Group and its garbage 1. They wont let members commend in the group 2. The signals are 5-10 pips late 3. The signals hit SL big time and they have huge SL minimum of 50 pips 4. The signals are of poor quality, by the end of the day they claim 1000 pips achieved when only 20 pips was profit the rest 100s of pips were losses.
Nowadays they are advertising an EA and i was asked to pay through Skrill only to be blocked after payment. I wrote to Skrill about the scam and they replied it was my fault to be scammed and their terms and conditions i agreed to state when payment is through its final and cant be reversed and nothing will be done to the scammers. I reported the group to Telegram through emails and in app messages for abuse but no reply and nothing happened.
So guys stay away from these criminals they are protected and nothing happens to them you are the only one who loses your hard earned money.

FPA if there is something that can be done for those Telegram groups to be pulled down please help though it appears Telegram is not willing to do so.

Surprisingly 20-30 fools like me pay and join these false forex signal groups on Telegram and end up being scammed.



Hello guys I am writing this review because I lost money by trusting a telegram channel. I just want to save your money guys.
Channel admin name: Emmanuella Ginsburg (@traderella).
She is a big cheater she created this channel to provide Forex trading signals. she slowly started posting investment plans in her channel saying weekly payments and monthly payments. She also posted payment slips as she gave profits for investors. I trusted her and invested some amount expecting payout in a week or two. This lady was in contact with me for 2 weeks and blocked me after a month. please don't trust this kind of cheaters all the investment plans in telegram channels are scam. Not only this f*****g lady don't ever trust any one and transfer money for unknown person.

REMEMBER THE NAME Emmanuella Ginsburg (@traderella)


Guys please keep off from FX Profit Kings, that guy will blow your account up and stop responding to your messages, I had exactly the same experience, I gave him my account to manage, he used high lots and blew my account and stopped responding to my messages.... just a warning for everyone to beware..